Tuesday, February 6, 2018

An Ebook Publishing Coach Can Generate More Revenue

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By Joshua Baker

People write books for a lot of reasons and the electronic publishing revolution has made this easier than ever. In most cases, the idea of writing a book is to make money, either directly or as a way to promote a product. Once a person has established themselves as a reputable author, they may eventually sign with a large publishing house and receive a nice package that includes royalties. While this is the goal for some writers, an ebook publishing coach can assist new authors in getting better sales.

While many may have a great idea for a topic, it is the marketing that will guarantee sales. A lot of people confuse this with getting the word out but there is a lot more to it. Marketing and promotion support the act of sales but it is the execution that makes the difference between those books that move units and those that have slow, if any, sales.

Online are websites that will publish almost any genre for little to no money but this does not include necessary services like copyediting. Although some feel they can publish a book with a few mouse clicks, they should do a little more investigation. If everyone could publish a book using a word processing system only, the other services would not be necessary.

Formatting an electronic book is different than just exporting a document as a PDF. It also helps to have another person proofread the manuscript for any errors before declaring it as the final document. There are some companies that will release books that are difficult to read because it was not properly formatted.

The best way to tell whether or not the ebook has been formatted is how it reads on a cloud reader or mobile device. How something looks in print should be different than the online version, which usually has wider line spacing and slight kerning between characters. There are different types of formatting available and knowing which to go with should be left up to the experts.

Another matter that is best handled by a professional is the cover art. A graphic designer knows how to use the right colors and place text so that it draws the eye. The results should look good on any size screen and should load quickly.

While it may seem that certain genres are oversaturated, this should not be discouraging to the novice. Besides having a great concept in mind, a marketing strategy that uses more than one tool simultaneously will bring expose. With the right exposure, which should include online marketing, someone who is new to the game can make steady sales in a reasonable time frame.

Last but not least, there are the legal aspects. Authors should know what type of rights are being presented to them before signing the deal. Additionally, they should also learn the process of publishing so they will understand the power of ownership and intellectual property.

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