Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Why New Writers Need An Ebook Writing Coach

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By Andrew Robinson

Many individuals dream of writing the bestseller that will allow them to write full time or earn a substantial income from their words. As there are many venues that showcase new authors, not every entity is can give the writer what they need. While there are few genres that do not have the potential to be profitable, finding an ebook writing coach can steer a new wordsmith in the right direction.

As there are many publishing houses from which to choose, not all are the right choice for the writer. Some only deal with certain genres but there are some that will take on any type of writer that may be marketable. Outside of electronic publishing, these may offer a number of services that include editing, distribution, and promotion.

Those who offer extremely low prices may not be ideal for the person looking to move many units. Some publishers are best for individuals who are placing small orders or lack the resources to distribute to high traffic outlets. For the person looking to save money in the process, seeking a professional is better than trying to do layouts and editing with office productivity software.

Even if the writer intends to give away their book for marketing purposes, the presentation is everything. A coach can advise their client as to which company will offer the best quality for the right price. It helps to offer the target audience, something that looks nice, even if it is intended to be a loss leader.

Coaches are capable of giving advice to new writers and often know of a way to cut corners without affecting the quality of the final product. While some self published authors may claim they sold their book using word processing software and aggressive sales tactics, this does not work in every instance. If there is a shortage of funds to pay for the right package, the coach may suggest an alternative.

For others, investing in a knowledgeable team pays off. Their expertise can guide the author to the right publishing company, create an effective promotional strategy, and whether there is a market. If the writer has an audience from say, blogging or teaching a class, the coach knows how to use this to the advantage of the client.

Most importantly, they should have intellectual property knowledge so that their client may be protected from an unsavory deal. Often new writers are targeted and pitched by publishing companies that are only interested in owning the legal rights to the written work. If any portion of the book could be used as a screen adaptation, the writer and coach need to aim for something that will work in their favor.

It is beneficial for the new writer to shop around and do not be afraid to ask questions before entering into an agreement. Verifiable testimonials from current or past clients is a good place to start or just do an online search to see the past performance. Doing this independently is better than relying on an impressive sales pitch or a contractor hired by the ebook publishing company.

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