Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Review: "Think Yourself Young" By Peter Baksa

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By Saleem Rana

Peter Baksa , the author of "Think Yourself Young," spoke to Allen Cardoza and Dr. Melody Foxx from Answers for the Family on LA Talk Radio about the necessity of abandoning misperceptions about the nature of life in the quest to slow or reverse the biological trend toward aging.

This new book is a follow-up to his earlier book called "The Point of Power." That book was well received by literary critics. It was his first guide to the scientific principles behind the law of attraction. His new book now revisits the law of conscious creation from the perspective of increasing the quality and length of human life.

Although the ideas behind "Think Yourself Younger" may seem to contradict common sense, Baksa makes a brave attempt to show why this idea is reasonable after all. Challenging the belief that aging and death are inevitable, the writer discussed the value of proper intentional thinking and acting, following a proper diet plan, and choosing a low pressure life as a way to slow the process of aging.

He drew on theory that our ideas create our reality. He said that our modern human lifespan had already increased by 300% when compared to early Romans who died at age 30. Referencing his experience at a Lama Temple in Beijing, China, he worked on persuading the listener to acknowledge the possibility that getting old by age 60 may very be an ingrained cultural myth.

Throughout his time at the Lama monastery, living among 120 year old Tibetan monks who were active and full of energy, Baksa discovered many secrets to longevity. Today, he believes that the key to a long life is designing a different lifestyle. This new way of living should include meditation to focus the mind and subdue negative emotions, as well as methods to rejuvenate our physiology through a diet and exercise plan.

His new book could very well be a valuable resource for many who want to take charge of their well being and improve their probabilities of a protracted, comfortable, healthy, and efficient life. It offers a roadmap to some of the finest ways to keep away from the self-damaging thoughts and behavior that increases the rate of aging. The first part of his guide works on convincing the reader that his concept is actually practical and not at all outlandish because it's rooted in evidence. Then the second half of the book describes how to start the method of becoming younger.

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