Sunday, May 18, 2014

How To Break A Spell

By Arline Bradley

It is not normally easy to disentangle yourself from a chain that one is tied with. The situation even becomes more complicated when you are not aware that you are under some external influence that is beyond your control. In order to break a spell therefore, you need to be a little bit cautious. Some wisdom is required to deal with such a situation.

Spells are mostly observed in relationships. One of the lovebirds always gains control of the other from some external forces. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to manage in their absence. Consequently, they gain the upper hand and control all your moves in the relationship. It is thus not advisable to be too helpless before your spouse as this can become a stumbling block.

It is quite amazing to realize that someone has full control of your behavior such that they can move you either to the left or the right at will. To add salt to wound, it might be concealed to you while to others who observe you it is conspicuous. You then become defensive to the point of defeating the attempts of the people who are close to you tom reason with you.

The great ancient philosopher, Socrates, said one should know himself. This means that an individual should be aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. There is need for you to recognize all your areas of vulnerability so that you can prepare yourself prior to any trial. The biggest problem with most people is failure to accept opinions from other people. Although we are supposed to weigh them, its wrong to always dismiss them.

Sometimes we feel that we know ourselves so much that we do not give a damn about what anybody says. However, its quite regrettable that we fail to understand that it is the observer who can see where the problem is. The wisest move therefore, is for us to listen more than we speak. Once we have listened, we should put what we have heard to deep contemplation before giving a decisive response.

For you to break a particular spell, always be willing to hear others out. Do not be the only one speaking. Instead, you better be the only one listening. There are cases where one has to persevere being ashamed for the sake of sobriety. Avoid being proud as it spoils chances of knowing the truth. Its a great show of wisdom when you humbly accept your shortcomings and correct them.

The second and crucial step is to take the necessary step, however hurting it might be. In most cases it is someone closest to you like your spouse who puts you into such situations. Through the freedom that you give them, they can make your life miserable if you are not careful. The decision might involve speaking the truth and stopping some evil acts that have been happening in the background.

No one is wise enough to escape a spell. Be vigilant and alert at all times. Evaluate all the circumstances in which you take part to assure yourself that none is manipulative. Anything that you find yourself doing with the full awareness that it is wrong needs deeper scrutiny.

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