Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nursing Short Stories Can Be Quite Dangerous

By Rachael Gutierrez

Nursing short stories have been around for many years and people enjoy hearing these tales over and over. The pretty young girls who decide to venture into this particular profession have dedicated their lives towards helping those in need. Anyone who is ill can always rely upon their nice manners and very beautiful smile everyday.

Some time in the past an American girl had made up her mind to work for the people involved in medicine. She was a great older sister towards her younger siblings and they loved her very much. This woman was able to guide them through many difficult times through their lives. No one was surprised when graduated from the best medical university.

One major hospital had processed her application rather fast since they were so impressed with her skills. They had high hopes for her and this is one reason why she was placed with the hardest physician. This was a man who had been in the profession for years and he took no nonsense from any of his workers. He could also be very sadistic at times.

Many nights this young lass went home in tears because of the things that were said to her. The doctor would sometimes call her bad names and made her feel very unworthy. She had decided to still continue on her job and cope with this man. As the days went on she discovered that this evil doctor was angry at the world because of his personal tragedies. His wife died suddenly and his dear son had died in an accident.

Time would go by slowly as the two of them worked side by side with many ill people. They were able to bond with each other during their lunch and dinner breaks in the hospital cafeteria. Whenever they were together it seemed as if everyone else just disappeared.

It really surprised this young medical woman when this gruff and sometimes difficult doctor asked her out on a date. She was very reluctant at first since the two of them were colleagues and it might cause gossip around the hospital. This smart woman told him "no" the first two times that he asked but on his third try she said "yes".

Before long these two people had become a true couple and everyone at the hospital knew about this. She now found herself making love to this man in every empty room at the hospital. This woman could not resist the eager doctor's charms and there was no stopping their passion.

Unfortunately not all nursing short stories have a very happy ending. Everyone within the hospital found out that this dedicated physician still had a wife at home and they shared no children at all. He had made up the entire story about his family because he was a sex maniac. His wife on the other hand was a very vengeful woman who decided to end his life with a bullet. His mistress was also killed in the process.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Love And Relationships - Soulmate Maintenance

By Olivia Rostigus

Finding and keeping love in a fast-paced world that we live in today, is difficult. Some people find it nearly impossible to find true love because of their busy lives and commuting to and from work eats up so many hours of the day. Even with the "always on" around-the-clock access of the various social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, trying to make the kind of emotional and spiritual connection that could lead to a serious romantic relationship can be both confusing and discouraging.

Lou Raedwulfe's newest book, Soulmate Maintenance is about love in the modern world. With 40 years experience as a psychic, tarot and rune master, he has dealt with hundreds of people looking for true love. He has collected case histories of many people wanting to find true love and how to go about it.

Lou has put much of his life's work into practical advice for those looking for first time love, making a relationship work and what makes people work well together. It is a timeless read with lots of fun and practical information on love and relationships.

A master a guiding people through the maze of relationships, Lou's book, Psychical Soul Maintenance is a gentle journey along the path of love and relationships. He helps you to realize that you have the inner strength to make it through even the hardest of times in romance.

Applying astrological methods, metaphysical techniques, and meditative suggestions Psychical Soulmate Maintenance is both easy to understand and yet deeply personal as it applies to each person who reads it. Whether you are single and searching, in a relationship that seems to have gone stale, coping with the end of love, or merely looking for some tips on providing support for your romance, this is the book for you.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Some Glad Morning: A Novel You'll Tell Your Friends About.

By Ruth Mickle

Discovering a terrific novel before it becomes a bestseller is like striking gold. It's what keeps me going. I'm always thrilled to recommend a good book. By now, I'm sure you know I'm rather particular about what I read and even more particular about the books I recommend.

Some Glad Morning, by Gary C. Horton, is, quite frankly, a marvelous story. It's a novel with legs, as they used to say in publishing. At first glance, Some Glad Morning might appear to be simply a remarkable love story. It is a remarkable love story and I promise it will melt your heart, but it's also the story of a young man making his way against horrific odds.

Some of the many things you will find endearing about Some Glad Morning are the characters. Some are quirky, to say the least, some are inspiring and some will take your breath away. It is as if somehow Mr. Horton has made the familiar magical. You'll want to tell others about this book.

The main character is Ransom, the son of a share cropper in South Carolina. He volunteers for the Army in order to earn cash for his impoverished family. But, it's 1918 and he's immediately sent to the trenches to fight in the First World War. An assault across no man's land fails miserably and Ransom is stranded in a shell hole with a dying lieutenant.

The young lieutenant has carried into combat the love letters from his fiancee, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the daughter of a wealthy Charleston planter. The young officer's last request is to hear the letters from Elizabeth read to him. In what can only be described as a most heartbreaking scene, Ransom reads to the young man as he dies. Afterward, Ransom finds comfort in the letters too and believes he has fallen in love with Elizabeth.

After the war, Ransom pursues Elizabeth in spite of the fact that he is penniless and she is a Charleston aristocrat. The situation is hopeless as Ransom faces a wealthy and unscrupulous competing suitor, pig-headed racism, destitution and unforgiving stupidity.

But, through the delightfully quirky wisdom of an eccentric Civil War veteran and the endearing courage of a pregnant runaway, Ransom finds his way through the fickle turns of love. Not only does Ransom find his way, but his trials forge in him courage to bet everything on his heart.

Some Glad Morning has one of the most uplifting endings I have ever experienced in a book or a film. In fact, this is one novel I would dearly love to see made into a movie. That hasn't happened yet, but fortunately, it has been made into an audio book flawlessly narrated by voice actress Janet Metzer. I highly recommend Some Glad Morning.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happily Ever After.

By Noella Tillotson

Great love stories can touch your heart, make you laugh and move you to tears. Regardless if you are with the love of your life or still looking for your soul mate, a great love story pulls on the heartstrings. Here are a few of the most popular love stories of all time, plus a few new ones you may have missed.

Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' is usually near the top of any list of great love stories. It's a heart-wrenching tale of how love can bring out the worse in a man. The story begins on the Wuthering Heights estate in 1802. The leading man, Heathcliff, is best friends with his adopted sister. The reader quickly realizes that the two are soul mates, but their romance is ruined by a careless remark.

Another novel that has consistently topped the list of the greatest love stories is 'Anna Karenina' by Tolstoy. In every way, this story is a soap opera. Anna is married and privileged to enjoy the highest levels of Russian aristocracy, but when she visits her brother in Moscow, she falls in love with Count Vronsky.

Anna tries mightily to subdue her desires for the count, but cannot. She leaves her husband but is not permitted a divorce. Without a divorce she is an outcast and must spend the rest of her life striving to gain acceptance of her relationship. Tragically, this proves to be too much.

'Romeo and Juliet' is perhaps the most eternal of tragic love stories and certainly among Shakespeare's most often told tales. It is the story of star-crossed lovers and the ultimate loss of love. The pivotal scene of Juliet on the balcony is the story of love captured in an image. They are meant for each other but cannot be together because of family dynamics beyond their control. Naturally, it does not end well.

As you may have noticed, the greatest love stories mentioned so far are a bit dated. However, Charles Frazier's 'Cold Mountain' is one of the few literary love stories to make the bestseller lists in recent memory. It's essentially a retelling of 'Romeo and Juliet' set in the desperate Civil War south. It too does not end well for the lovers.

A more recent novel, 'Some Glad Morning' by Gary C. Horton is now climbing the bestseller charts and has a similar plot, but with several surprising twists. The lovers are kept apart by social status and the leading man must first establish himself.

Elizabeth is a Charleston lady and Ransom the penniless son of a sharecropper. Gary C. Horton turns the story upside down through several surprising twists and lands it with a generous, heartwarming finale.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Overview Of The Pan Am Flight 103 Air Crash Investigation

By Catalina Nielsen

It seems hard to believe that it was almost a quarter of a century ago that a terrorist attack brought a Scottish village to everyone's attention. The village's name was Lockerbie, and it claimed 270 lives. The Boeing 747 was only 38 minutes into its journey from London to New York when it exploded in midair. This is a brief look at the Pan Am flight 103 air crash investigation.

The aircraft was at flight level 310, or 31,000 feet, when the incident occurred and as a consequence debris was strewn over a huge area. In fact the area was so large that not only were military helicopters used for surveying the area, but the investigating teams also used satellite images. It can be said that the delayed departure allowed such a detailed analysis to take place. Had everything been on schedule then the explosion would have occurred over the Atlantic Ocean.

In total over 10,000 pieces of debris were recovered, and these were all catalogued and logged into a computer system. There were several large components which had fallen on or around the village of Lockerbie. The following day the flight data recorder, the infamous black box, was found close to some woods by a couple of local boys.

More than a thousand people became involved with this analysis, it was a huge operation and a large part of southern Scotland was searched. Even the military were called on to help with manpower and equipment. Any item which was recovered went to the local school's gymnasium. There it was subjected to x-rays and looked at with a gas chromatograph.

There were no immediate indications as to what brought the plane down. It was soon becoming clearer that the incident had been the result of an explosion, as small traces of Semtex were being detected. Also there were parts of what was identified as a timing device found in the wreckage.

Through painstaking efforts by air accident investigators the fuselage was slowly reconstructed. It was discovered that a 20 inch square section of fuselage had been severely damaged by an explosion. This was in an area adjacent to the forward cargo hold.

The baggage containers were mainly consistent with damage that would be expected from a fall of great height. However two of them showed unusual damage patterns. Their exact positions were found from the loading records. Tests were carried out in America to determine the exact quantity and location of explosives to cause the same damage.

From this information not only were the investigators able to trace every item of luggage within that baggage container, but also which one was the suspect item. They even deduced the contents through recovered fragments of clothing. Which lead them to Sliema, Malta. Thanks to a trader one of the prime suspects was a man he identified as the person he had sold the clothes to.

In total the Pan Am flight 103 air crash investigation took over three years to complete. It had involved agencies of many different nations, but primarily those of the United Kingdom and America. As with all such incidents everything was examined in minute detail, and the perpetrators were sent for trial in a neutral country.

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