Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review Interview With The Antichrist

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By Mari Orr

Tinger Windom has written a book entitled Interview with the Antichrist. It is available as a paperback on Amazon. It was published in 2012 and can also be purchased as a digital book.

The intent of the book, stated both in the book and on the website dedicated to the book, is for the author Tinger Windom to prove that the man she calls Terry is not the devil. Her point in both places is that this man is the Antichrist. But that he is not the devil nor is he the son of the devil.

Windom states that the man she interviews is living in New York, but that he is originally from England. She says that he has been a celebrity known throughout the world for most of his life. He is in his older years now and she protects his famous identity by calling him Terry instead of his actual name.

This is Windom's first published work. She is, according to the blurb on her book, hard at work at an 'undisclosed location' producing the sequel to interview with the antichrist. The date of publication for the sequel is not given.

The book is an explanation that Terry is a leader of a group of Antichrists who are, according to Windom, stranded on earth. She says they are aliens from another planet. They have been causing mischief on Earth for years.

The book is made up of two parts. The interview with the one she calls Terry is the first part. The second part is made up of a discourse on a text which Terry gives Windom during the interview. She writes that he claims the text is in Chinese. He says it reveals all sorts of esoteric secrets regarding Antichrists, the Bible, and the church. He says the church has been keeping it under wraps for centuries. interview with the antichrist is a book that appears to take itself seriously. It is written with the sense that the things in it are true and actually happened, rather than just a work of fiction the likes of Da Vinci Code.

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