Friday, July 27, 2012

What The Truth About Abs Workout Isnt All About

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By Andrew Tatiana

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that there seems to be a lot of hype around the Truth About Abs workout. If you're wise, you have probably blown the whole thing off and figured that it just wasn't for you. You were probably as turned off as I was by the bold claims and you figured you'd just wait for the hype to die down before checking it out to see what it was all about.

It just appeared to be a bit over the top and I worried that this was just some fly by night operation that would be here today and gone tomorrow. I'd wait for someone else to find out that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be before I made my final decision. I was pretty sure, anyhow, that there was no way that there was some sort of secret or honest method to get a set of ripped abs like they were talking about. I was sure that there was nothing new under the sun.

But, just like every time I open my mouth, it as as if karma come along to teach me a little lesson but I wasn't going down without a fight. There was a guy at work that started bragging about how he was getting ripped thanks to this new book that he read called the Truth About Abs. He was almost rabid about this stuff and I knew that it was only a matter of time before he forced his opinion on me but I was prepared.

So, I had to bite. I had to grill him a little bit and find out if the Truth About Abs workout lived up to the hype or if it was what I really felt it was which was a complete waste of my time. So I asked him every pointed question I could think of. Like, "I bet you have to work out every day for at least an hour, right?"

He laughed at me and said that this was what he thought at first. He really wanted to get in shape and even if it meant working out every day he was in if he could get looking like some of the pictures that he had seen from people that had used the Truth About Abs workout. He said that he was pleasantly surprised and that he was actually working out less than he had ever been before.

So, fine! He wasn't working out every day until he felt like a heavy weight fighter had given him a thorough working over. But, I was pretty sure that he had to join a gym or buy some sort of specialized equipment. I didn't have the money for a gym membership and I really didn't want to spend any money on weird rubber bands or some home gym because I was pretty sure that the Truth About Abs workout wasn't going to work for me so it would just be a further waste of my time and money.

He said that he hadn't joined a gym and that the author of the the Truth About Abs actually recommended that he forget about the gym or any of the specialized equipment at those places. My buddy admitted that he had picked up a chinup bar and some dumb bells because he was really getting into working out at home but he didn't have any sort of home gym or machines at home. He had started out with nothing but was so jazzed with how things were progressing that he had done a little shopping for himself as a treat.

Now, all of this muscle wasn't coming from nowhere so I as sure that he was juicing to some degree. So, I let him have it with both barrels and I was sure that this would shoot some holes in his story. Creatine or maybe protein shakes were probably to blame for his sudden change. Maybe that was the key behind the Truth About Abs workout. I was sure of it

He assured me that there were no chemicals or additive either legal or illegal that were recommended by the Truth About Abs workout. He said that it was all pretty simple and that there was no need for creatine or any other sort of food product that was designed to build muscle. It was pretty much all natural. What started out as a desire to have a ripped set of abs had turned into one of the best things he had ever done in his life. He had the body that he wanted, wasn't working out as much as he used to and he didn't have to pay a boatload of money to get this way and it was all because of the Truth About Abs workout.

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