Friday, November 9, 2012

50 Shades Of Grey And Everyday Relationships Are Not So Different

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By Mary Williams

50 Shades of Grey is a major bestseller based on a young lady by the name of Anastasia and her abusive partner Christian Grey. He's a manipulative billionaire that attempts to convince Ana consistently to convert over towards the submissive lifestyle. It pretty much illustrates the notion that numerous adult males seriously feel the need to be extremely predominant and regulate every part of the relationship. This at the same time suggests hijacking their lover's head and getting their girlfriends or wives to carry out whatever they want. This is a very real fact of everyday living.

The fact of the matter is that some boyfriends and husbands actually are this way. The thing that helps make this much sadder is that often quite a few ladies very often endure it, with the idea it is going to cease some day. That maybe a day will come where he is likely going to change. A number of women merely maintain this reasoning and submerge themselves with this certain way of thinking for a long time; in many cases indefinitely.

Now let's momentarily specify an abusive marriage or relationship. It's anytime 1 of the 2 persons makes the attempt to take control of the whole partnership and will perhaps mistreat their wife or husband physically, emotionally, vocally, sexually, or psychologically. Once the piled up tensions involving the 2 come to their threshold, the abuser typically apologizes for what he did and offers to change his abusive ways. This is exactly what most people call the "I am falling in love with you all over again" sequence and it often repeats itself.

All through the full 50 shades of grey saga, Christian is rather controlling over Anastasia. He keeps on pressuring her and pushing her, up to the point where all the built up tensions arrive at their finish line, and she chooses to hightail it and live once again with her good friend. Shortly after, Christian successfully tracks her down. He apologizes and confesses to Ana he'll try his hardest to try and take her feelings into account.

They therefore duplicate the exact same sequence over again right up until Anastasia runs a way once again. He then simply apologizes again. Do you identify a recognizable routine here? The "I think I love you all over again" sequence is all too normal.

This is usually the traditional myth that identifies marriage and relationships in a specific way which advertises men's prominence over many women. Does the book 50 Shades of Grey fall in this particular thought process? Most certainly; even so that's not usually a bad thing.

It's easily a side of living which sadly a number of individuals prefer to never fully grasp or perhaps just hide underneath the rug. The fact is there, and this kind of story absolutely opens up your mind to it. It exposes the difficult part of one's life and everybody must be conscious that it happens, regardless if we do not approve of it.

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