Saturday, February 2, 2013

Information About Sexual Abuse Survivor Stories

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By Thelma Kent

The sexual abuse survivor stories are narrated by victims of all ages including children. Rape instances have negative impact to victims entire life and identity. These results to physical, financial and social difficulties to the lives of the offended. Caretakers of offended victims are also affected as they may decide to move to other residential places to avoid released perpetrators.

Writers concerned with this issue should fully utilize the data collected as fully as possible to inform the society about the act. Survivors might feel neglected and therefore taking part in writing and documenting such stories is one of the way to communicate their experiences. It also influence policy governing the offense.

Survivors also need to report the issue to compensate relevant authorities to enable them have enough time to investigate the issue and ensure the victim is. Survivors can at times be harassed by area residents when they report the issue to police. This should not worry them much as they are assured to get justice.

Guidance and counseling are essential to victims as it helps to rejuvenate and enable them maintain their relationships. Children are also prone to such harassment is especially from well known relatives which makes them live with depression and fear for a long period of time. They can even decide to revenge when they grow up.

They can even turn to drugs especially when counseling is avoided. Recording such incidents is essential as these records are used as evidence against the offender. Some victims are reported to have faced some sorts of harassment within their local areas when they report such acts.

Victims may also have a low self esteem since they feel mistreated as some of their rites are violated. The sexual abuse survivor stories should not be looked down upon and should be taken seriously. Rape affect sexual relationships and eating habits of survivors.

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