Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Denmark Vesey Plot Was Risky

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By Carissa Glenn

Despite his heroic efforts, the Denmark Vesey plot did not go through. He wanted to help black slaves get free like he was. A traitor leaked the information and the offending parties were tried and then hanged. Standing up for freedom back then had a very heavy cost. If slaves were not killed, there were beaten and tortured. This is a sad part of history.

This man showed heroic efforts. It took great courage to even think about what he did, let alone try to plan it. He actually gave his life for this effort. He was one of the people hanged for their plans. This was one of the biggest efforts in history in rebelling against white supremacy. Most people who tried this did not make it to tell the story to others.

Most of this particular story occurred in Charleston, South Carolina as much slave history did. The South had the majority of the slaves during the Civil War. When people talked too much about the plan, the authorities heard this through gossip and then arrested the people who planned it. Vesey was a free slave when he planned this and wanted the others to be free, too.

A tattle-tale told on the offending people. He told his master. This slave was considered a favorite to his master and wanted his approval. This was greatly unfair to the others who were not favorites of their master. It was a betrayal thing to do. This was not good for him to do either as it does not reflect very good character qualities.

When the leader was found guilty, he was hanged. He put his life on the line for this cause. Some slaves died while they were in jail. These rough times are times that show people's true character. Usually, people try to overcome their problems instead of giving up. They did not give up which is important.

During the Civil War, this man's name was used by Frederick Douglas who tried to lead the first all-black army. Named heroic in his actions, this courageous man become someone that the others could look up to. It was scary and difficult trying to stand up to the majority white leaders at this time in history.

Reading about history is a very empowering thing to do. History affects who we are now as people. It shows our strength as people who carry down traditions and stories for our descendants. If you know a lot of history or even some of it, you could share it with your loved ones. Whether you want to impress them or just share information, it is a good thing to know.

The Denmark Vesey plot has gone down in history as a very powerful and courageous thing to do. Many of these leaders are inspiring to learn from. We can incorporate their strength in our lives for the better.

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