Monday, June 17, 2013

Best Practices for Selling Your E book

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By Dolores Schmidt

There are a lot of ways in which writers and authors can successfully promote their books even before they start working on the new manuscript. So by the time the book is completed and ready to hit the market, everyone knows about the book. How do they do that? Create a webpage for your book which should be very creative and should be unique. It should have all the related information of the book. The simplest way to create interest among your target readers is to make them know what is going to happen. And how you can do it? Upload some chapters in your webpage. Once the targeted audience read those chapters then the interest is surely going to increase and the curiosity of knowing what happens next will make them read your book fully and the interest will be there for all your readers.

You can choose different modes of promoting the website. Social media can be used to do the promotional work and you can use as many key words related to the topic of your manuscript as possible in order to be available in search engine for maximum number of times. Always remember the best critic is your audience. And it is better to have one critic who tell you the truth about your book rather than have lot friends who just praise you for the sake of being acquaintances with you. So ask your readers for honest feed backs and if the feed backs point some negatives then don't go on the defensive. Take it as some more learning. Make sure that you include the good and favourable comments that you have received from your reader, in your book. That works as an advertisement from your reader for you.

If possible take the help of media and try to have a mail room created for you. Create a situation where the readers can share their ideas and articles and derive of your experience. I have seen lots of writers who have provided their email address and twitter address so that their readers can contact them. And those writers actually help their readers.

You will have your own fan following as there will probably be readers who exclusively read your books. There will be some readers who will likely be avidly following you. It is not important to do it for all. You are able to do it for only a selected few and they will do all the necessary advertisement that is needed from their side. The details that you feed in it should be general topic and should have meaningful information. The information in it must be generic and ought to be having all the information that is very meaningful.

Make sure that there is no gap between the two newsletters. Do not let the frequency of the mail come down. Make sure that wherever possible you add your URL information in your signature. The more people see your URL the more they is going to be curious to see it and the more they will be remembering it. Try to add your URL in your mail signature.

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