Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Man Of His Word: A Dave Dunkan Series Books

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By Tony Waza

These are books I've been reading for so many years. I've constantly been fascinated and intrigued by magic and magical powers. That is an excellent series about a boy who functions inside the stables of a castle in a far away kingdom. He is a friend and crush of the Princess Inos, who ends up getting kidnapped through a magic casement. He decides he has to save her and starts a journey to rescue her.

On his quest to seek out her, he learns to his amazement that he loves her, so he becomes one of the strongest magic user on the planet! This really does not imply it is a romance novel, it's a ride that's wild from the beginning and would be the most original adventure book I've ever had the pleasure of reading!! The magic is exclusive, the entire planet is unique along with the characters being distinctive. I usually suggest this series to sci-fi lovers.

Rap and Princess Inos lived in a tiny backwater kingdom known as Krasnegar, exactly in the middle of nowhere, where nothing considerable occurred because it was a peaceful realm. Princess Inos discovered she was to be sent towards the Empire to learn how to act like a proper a lady. While she was away the king fell ill and Rap's strange magical talents began to emerge. Rap struggled via goblin infested wastelands and a jungle to warn Princess Inos that she was required to claim her birthright. None knew it was a journey ordained by the gods long ago...

In the book Faery Lands Forlorn, Inos returned to her kingdom just as her father dies, only to become kidnapped through the magic casement as her tiny kingdom is being overrun. She is held prisoner in the desert by a sorceress. Rap followed her by means of the magic casement and in an effort to rescue the Princess, finds himself not in a desert, but inside the steaming jungles of faerie! Rap is determined to rescue his queen at any expense.

In the book the Perilous Seas, Rap continues his journey to seek out his queen. He is now armed, having a magic word and an unwavering resolve to find his beloved queen, even as he sails among the cruelest of the vicious Nordland Raiders on the long ship known as Blood Wave...

In the book the Emperor and Clown, Rap finds himself caught in a dungeon awaiting execution. Inos is being forced to marry Azark and it appears as there's nothing at all Rap can do to make it stop. I'd have to say this really is the most amazing book in the series. Rap beats death deifying odds and is even asked to become a god right after circumstances make him far more powerful then he ever imagined anyone could be.

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