Friday, July 18, 2014

Writing A Fiction Book Proposal Might Prove Really Hard When Unarmed For It

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By Olive Onion

This article shall be all about using writing skills to sell your novel. Writing a fiction book proposal can be extremely difficult and time consuming. These manifestos are sometimes used for selling nonfiction works but may be used in selling fiction novels as well.

The novel may be completed before creating a submission for the publishers. Different publishers have different requirements when it comes to proposals and finding out what they are will be advantageous. Doing research before writing the manifesto will be a good idea as the publisher may not need one.

Creating a manifesto for a novel is much more difficult than creating one for a nonfiction work. Nonfiction works are more about a particular subject that one can study in contrast to a novel which simply tells a story. There are some definite differences between the two types of work. Designing a superb manifesto could give the author many days of sweat and tears but it will be worth it in the long run. Being in a hurry when designing your proposal will only lead to the dissatisfaction of your publisher.

Selling a nonfiction piece of work may turn out to be much easier. The topic must be something that the author has plenty of knowledge on and that they are qualified enough to discuss. Having studied the subject and having the relevant qualifications gives one a huge advantage over competitors when it comes to selling the final product. It is also much easier to comment on a subject that one is interested in and has the knowledge of rather than making use of your imagination in creating an entire book that is worth the read. Some people however do have the gift of storytelling and can easily use that to their advantage.

Some authors write their proposal before finishing their original novel. The whole idea of the proposal is to convey the main theme of the story so that the publisher can decide whether to publish the novel. This enables the writer to sell the idea of his novel before actually completing it. The aim is to get the publisher to hire the author to complete the work.

This is not always an easy task however and getting an idea across may prove to be difficult. Some manifestos are quite short while others may be quite lengthy. Either way the manifesto needs to be concise and to the point without any unnecessary babbling.

When it comes to novel manifestos the content should be very gripping and colorful. Engaging one's audience and causing them to keep reading until the story comes to an end is advisable. Certain people have talents for creating stories to engage the human mind. The manifesto must be brief but thrilling and one must make every single word count.

The writer should avoid creating a manifesto that is too lengthy as this may cause the publisher to lose interest in it. If the script is very lengthy then the agent may as well sit down with the completed novel. By reading it the agent will have enough information in order to decide whether the product is worth selling and also whether it could become a bestseller.

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