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List Of Top Books On Hospice Care Awareness

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By Stephanie Martin

Terminally ill patients require special kind of support and attention. This is to ensure that their final moments are as comfortable and peaceful as possible. The experiences of nurses in this environment have been shared in best seller books on hospice care awareness. Here is a list of the titles that top this category.

Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley have been tending to terminally ill patients for decades. They have gathered their experiences to produce an amazing title called Final Gifts. This title gives tips on how to decode the communications and meet the needs of the dying. It also creates awareness of important aspects of this environment that will enable a caregiver to facilitate a smooth transition.

The experiences shared by Kelley and Maggie are personal and very intimate. The scenario is that of miraculous communication that enables a caregiver to understand their needs and feelings at that crucial transitional moment. It is also amazing to realize that people choreograph their dying moments. They pack their bags and begin a journey with a very specific destination and people waiting on the other end. Caregivers are therefore important in ensuring that the person prepares adequately for the ultimate journey.

The experiences given by Maggie and Patricia are hands-on. It is the guide that will help handlers, relatives and friends to provide the best final moments to the ailing person. According to Kelley and Maggie, the dying want to hand over incredible gifts of wisdom, love and faith to those left behind. This is the right title to help you prepare such a patient emotionally and spiritually for the final journey.

Dr. Curtis is a renowned psychologist who has been studying the dying moments. His book is entitled A Hospice Guide Book. It explores the need and ways of ensuring that persons diagnosed of terminal illnesses continue living their lives to the fullest up to the last minute. Part of provision of proper attention is ensuring that the news do not make the life of this person meaningless. This is the responsibility of caregivers, friends and relatives.

In his book, Dr. Curtis emphasizes on the importance of providing a peaceful, dignified and comfortable environment to the ailing person. He is philosophical in his approach taking a historical view of hospices and their approach to care. He tackles the myths, fallacies and facts that have defined hospices to-date.

In A Hospice Guide Book, Dr. Curtis tackles alternative modalities of providing care, pain management and different levels of attention demanded by the patients. The book is also captures a chapter on what the physical environment in hospices means to patients. This book pays attention to patient handling at the tail end of life. This title will enable anyone to provide a perfect and peaceful transition to terminally ailing patients.

The experiences shared by authors on care for terminally ill patients will enable caregivers to provide the best transition environment. It enables everyone coming into contact with such a person to be a source of support at spiritual, psychological and emotional levels. These titles are available through the internet at very affordable prices.

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