Friday, June 3, 2016

The Purpose Drives Of Gospel Book Store

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By Shirley Olson

Wisdom can be learn either by reading or experiencing it. However with history and time continuing to folds in front of us, dealing all with different type of situation is not simple as it sounds. That is when human needs each other to have a constant sharing with knowledge.

That is why the word of God really helps anyone. Bible is not a book that ages through time due to the development that the world keeps on imposing. It is timely and appropriate to any generations. If you are interested of knowing the hidden message behind all your trials, you should go to a gospel book store that can enlightens you with your concern.

Lectures and spiritual activities can only be held at least once a week specially to most of the churches but if every day bread is what you desire, you should be able to conduct self study. In addition to that, you will learn aspiring stories from different people around the world. They will set as your example.

Life is sure hard. Life is full of troubles. As a human, you are weak. You may have dreams that are not worth realizing but you passionately keeps on running of. The value of your tears are beyond despair that you might thought what will be the difference tomorrow can give.

However it such a comforting to know if you had God on your back. When doubts started to wrap you and blind your eyes, the question of His intentions and love of us will be measured. Sometimes you will heard a total silence as though He never response. The truth is, He is just working on the back ground.

You must not remember that this place is not made for suffering. It supposed to create a life full of adventure and love. This clearly entails how you must appreciate the beauty of being alive. Every hour may give you tears and distaste but that should encourage you to be stronger and move forward. Smile as many as you can. That is the best thing to do right now.

Things like families, dreams, friends and hope shall be your most valuable treasure. If you happen to lost one of it, never forget not to loss the other. That should be the main goal of this life. Sin is a curse that links to anyone. God came to humanities to stop it. He got faith on his people that they can break the chain. That is why He became a living sacrifice.

He promised a certain place to those who pass. This place will no longer carries the same tears like here on earth. All dreams and true adventure begins here for eternity. Imagine a paradise that wraps you with warm heart for all you wanted to become.

The application for the book of life has long start. You must make sure to include your name in the list. The secret of that is to enjoy all the problems here on this world together with him. Be true to your self and do things that can always and always benefit to others. Never runaway from your troubles and keep all His words.

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