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Training From Cordy Fitzgerald Work Of Art

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By Shirley Butler

Authors are influential people in the society. They use the art of writing to impart knowledge to the members of the community. Cordy Fitzgerald is a renowned author who is famous worldwide courtesy of great novels. One of his most famous Novels is Great Gatsby which has several teachings which can be of significant help to you. Some of the lessons you are likely to derive his book include the below.

If you want to be successful in life, the best thing to do is to remain optimistic. It is right for you to stay alert to overcome the life challenges. In the book, the author emphasis on the importance of continuing optimist, because this is one of the most significant traits you can ever have as an individual.

Another critical lesson that you need to know is that money cannot buy love. Neither can it buy you, friends. In the book, we find Gatsby who attempts to woo daisy to a lavish lifestyle and a good home. However, the whole attempt fails miserably. Apparently, Gatsby had so many resources which could have bought love easily. However, that is not easy because love cannot be purchased at any price.

As much as people are advised to forget their past, it is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage for a person to remember everything that happened in their life. It is a messy thing to escape. In the book, there is Gatsby who tries to shrink a lousy reputation as a bootlegger. However, it is not that easy, and it proves to be one of the most challenging things.

Criticism can be of great help when done possibly. When you criticize a person nicely, it will help you to improve efficiency. However; it is not good for you to be the first person to criticize others. When you see a fellow human being in a problem, it will be wise to take the necessary steps to help that person. You will have proven to be a better person in the society.

Moreover, it will be right to say that physical beauty is temporary. Lots men fall into the trap of chasing beautiful women without even having a second thought. In most cases, those beautiful women may end up taking advantages of men. That is what exactly happened to Gatsby. Daisy was good at flirting Gatsby, and after winning the heart of that man, the relationship did not last long.

Assumptions can quickly lead you to problems. Apparently, Fitzgerald has a sad story which unfolds from sad to more sorrowful. However, all of these issues could have been defeated were it for mere assumptions. Therefore no matter how small a thing may look, it will be good to take with seriousness.

The final lesson forms that novel that unbridled love can sometimes be dangerous. When you are starting the relationship, everything could be running smoothly. However, when a problem arises, the relationship can even up in violence which is not useful in any way. Thus, whenever you are in love, ensure your relationship is healthy.

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