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Top List Of Historical Fiction Novels For Adults

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By Michael Bailey

One expertly crafted book has the potential of changing your life forever. There is a range of historical fiction novels for adults that will walk you down memory lane in a way that no other text ever will. Here are award winning titles that will transform your life through their characters, description and plots, among other writing elements.

Karthryn Stockett gifted the world a 5-star novel entitled The Help. The story takes you back to 1962 when women had a depressed position in society and only a ring on their finger gave them dignity. Then comes Skeeter who is done with pressure from her mom. Her place of escape with Aibileen, a black maid. Aibileen has own family challenges to deal with. It is these challenge that inspire her to care for Skeeter. Minny is a friend to Aibileen. The only saving grace for Minny is that the boss is new in town, has own secrets to conceal and thus tolerates her.

Anthony Dorrer is the pen behind All the Light We Cannot See. The novel is set in France, a territory that is already occupied during war. A German boy will meet a blind French girl and fall in love. The physical descriptions used by Anthony and the metaphors give you a live feed of the risk that these two characters have to face to stay together.

Would you take an enemy into your house without feeling like a traitor? Well, Vianne is forced to do that after the Nazis invade France in caravans, tanks and bombers. This puts her life and that of her daughter in terrible risk. Discover the terrible mistakes she makes, one after the other and how these mistakes are resolved in the works of Kristin Hannah titled The Nightingale.

Memoirs of a Geisha points at a story with Japanese taste. It is the work of Arthur Golden who takes you to a world where the virginity of women is auctioned to the highest bidder. To the society, a woman is as good as her appearance. Love is considered an illusion. Arthur has gifted readers with a new version of erotic scenes, romance and world class suspense.

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk is a narrative on the journey towards liberation of women and guarantee of their rights. It is the story of Sarah, a lady who feels that she has more to offer than the menial roles assigned by the patriarchal society. This is a history class that demystifies the myth that women belong to a certain corner of the world and rely on the determination of men.

Many authors go only as far as the current generation can recall. However, Anita Diamant in The Red Tent takes you back to the bible. In this novel, she wants to magnify the character of Dinah, a woman overshadowed by men like Isaac and Jacob in the bible. She seeks to show that women played a more prominent role in the history of the bible and Christianity.

With numerous titles on history, you have something exciting for different themes. Passionate readers have written dependable reviews that will guide you on the titles that suit your preference. These books are available in stores as digital versions and hardcover copies. This is the best trip down memory lane.

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