Monday, January 28, 2019

How To Deal With Raw Emotions

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By Jose Roberts

Emotions which are raw and less controlled are difficult to live with. It can happen because of different factors in a person's life. Sometimes, a person will react quickly in a defensive way. They may become very angry. Other people tend to panic or they are filled with anxiety. It is important to be aware of these raw emotions because they can take over your life.

Bottling things up and keeping your emotions hidden away is not healthy. You may even suffer in a physical way because often it leads to psychosomatic symptoms. People show these emotions when they become vulnerable and tell people more about their life. It helps other people to become inspired and look at their own life from another perspective.

It can have something to do with to do with childhood distress or trauma which one has not dealt with. A child from a dysfunctional home will not have been taught how to cope on their own. They will still be facing terrible feelings based on what they have been through. It can relate to anxiety, with a lot of fear and panic. It especially happens when they are triggered.

Your relationships begin to improve as you begin to express yourself. Very often, people don't know what you are feeling inside. When you finally do become angry and say what is on your mind, you will discover that you loved one would not have known what has been going through your mind.

When you don't make the effort to work through your feelings, you will experience a heaviness building up. You will find that your relationships are tricky to work through. It can become tense when you are with other people because you often irritable and frustrated.

Many people are not aware when they are going to experience these feelings and emotions. They can arise when they are out and about shopping in public. It can be important to look into a specific technique which is more specialized and this will help treat the client, depending on how they are suffering.

It could be something like fear, which will relate to many other emotions as well. A person like this will need to look at the reason why they are feeling this way. But a therapist may also feel that the individual will be best off talking to a cognitive behavioural therapist. A therapist like this will help the patient to eliminate negative thoughts.

A person should also try and develop a certain amount of empathy which obviously takes time, but it can be useful for the parson who has anger issues. This will also improve relationships. They will begin to ask themselves more about their loved one and how they are struggling as well.

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