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Adam Blade, Beast Quest, Better Readers

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By Joe Gatley

Some children just cannot stand reading however studies show that children that do read independently from an early are usually better behave and grow up to be high achievers. The problem for many parents is finding a book which will get their child plugged in to reading . Luckily the Beast quest series of books offer a good starting point to get child hooked on literature

Adam Blade is the fictional author of the Beast Quest series of books. The name Adam Blade represents a pool of writers contributing to make up the series. The fact this Adam does not exist in real life does not matter at all as the most important thing is the series gets children reading. What's more from my experience the child will usually want more . The Beast Quest series can provide the spark and more.

Adam Blades Beast Quest Series consist of groups of six books. Each has a classic battle of good against evil storyline. The hero Tom and is wanna be girlfriend Elenna have to battle different monster in each book to ultimately complete a task set them by an evil wizard. The simple writing style is effect as it keeps the plot moving quickly and succinctly maintaining the Childs interest. There is enough in the books however to challenge moderate readers.

My son started reading the series when he was six. He always enjoyed reading and the Beast Quest series allowed him to get his teeth into longer books. A good reader will fly through the series and this really builds confidence. My son in now 9 and has moved onto books with more complicated sub text . However I would say the whole Beast Quest series is suitable for boys and girls up to the age of 10 and can really help improve and engage slower learners up to this age.

The series is now approaching its eleventh series each of which contain six books. In addition there are a few bumper editions, the chronicles series, activity books and you decided books which further increase the portfolio. I would recommend buying the series from series one and this sets the scene. The only drawback of this is your child may develop their reading so much through Adam Blades work that they may have moved on before wanting to read series 11.

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