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Modern Child Slavery Exposed In Novel

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By Saleem Rana

Author Corban Addison spoke to Allen Cardoza, host of "Answers for the Family" channel on L.A. Talk radio. The author talked about the heartbreaking and harrowing experiences that led him to write his latest novel, "A Walk Across the Sun".

In describing his research, Addison discussed his undercover work in India to chronicle the underworld of modern slavery.

Before journeying to India, Corban Addison spent half a year reading everything he might find on the human trafficking trade. Then he spoke to human trafficking activists in the US and Europe; in addition, travelling to going to Washington DC to interview a high-level official with the Justice Department. In total, he gathered over two hundred pages of notes from his interviews.

Besides interviews, the author spent a month with the International Justice Mission, IJM. This is a human rights group that combats human slavery all over the world. In IJM, he interviewed investigators who roamed the red light areas rescuing girls, worked alongside social workers and talked to children rescued from exploitation. Furthermore, Addison went undercover as an investigator in the brothels of Mumbai, where he met girls forced into prostitution.

A Book Synopsis

A tsunami inside a coastal town in India leaves two sisters homeless, 17-year-old Ahalya Ghai and 15-year-old sister Sita. As the orphans journey to their school, which is a convert, looking for shelter, they are accosted by human traffickers and forced into an illicit world of sex and abuse.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., attorney Thomas Clarke faced by the tragic death of his infant daughter and separated from his wife accepts a professional sabbatical in India with a not-for-profit group that prosecutes human traffickers.

In Mumbai, Clarke sees for himself the horrors of child prostitution, a horror that is ignored by the corrupt judicial system. Finding Ahalya and Sita, he embarks on an adventure to free them from an international network of criminals.

A Walk Across the Sun chronicles the underworld of modern slavery across three continents and two cultures.

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