Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini-Review: Multiple POVs as Employed by Best Selling Author, James Patterson

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By Michael Snow

In my blog based around the concept of a fictional detective, I cite several methods that've been developed over the years to portray the fictional investigator. To me the term detective covers a good array of meanings ranging from private detectives to members of the police. In fact , the lead character might possibly not be a traditional detective at all, as is the case with Jame's Patterson's Alex Cross, who, depending on where you join him in his fictional career, is a combination investigator and psychologist.

This article is designed to supply a mini-review of James Patterson, though not in the traditional sense. While it is true I'd like to dig a little deeper into his works, I am not interested in reviewing a particular title, or group of titles, but more Mr. Patterson's style.

Most or all of James Patterson's books are thrillers. Thrillers vary from traditional who-done-its in the sense that the opponent, or bad guy if you will, is frequently known by the reader early on or, at the least, the reader knows something about him (or her). As a result, segments of the story are usually told through the villian's eyes.

Thrillers are multiple point of view books. That is, some of the story is told through the hero's eyes, some is viewed through those of the villian and some may be told from the viewpoint of some minor characterâ€"perhaps even someone who the bad guy is pursuing or is trying to kill.

To me, multiple point of view books are generally more action loaded than an other types of novels. In KISS THE GIRLS for instance, Patterson is able to present the reader with three separate murder scenes, carried out by the same pathological killer, the hero's urgent run to the hospital to save a dying boy, and Cross's discovery that his niece has been kidnappedâ€"all in under 50 pages.

Like Patterson, it's exactly this energetic story telling that drew me to this type of writing when I created my own novel, ZION'S WEB. ZION'S WEB isn't just a thriller, but, given the reviews I have received so far, is packed full of actionâ€"due undoubtedly to the multiple POV methodology I chose to use.

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