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By Lan Thomas

As many people continue in their quest to look for ways and means of becoming wealthy. There are wealth creation gurus out there who are ready to help. Wallace Wattles is one of these gurus well known for their motivational ways of creating wealth. To become a wealth creator calls for a lot of passion and dedication and understand of all levels of wealth creation. In the science of getting rich, Wattles talks of the essential elements of successfully achieving financial wealth.

The best way to understand the wealth creation is by living by Wattles principle and changes the existing prejudices. Coming form a poor background, this taught him many life experiences which led him to working on improving his life. This struggle made him one of the greatest architects of wealth creation in the society. Today, he is seen as the forefather of wealth creation and many people continue to emulate his legacy long after he is gone.

Through his humble beginning, Wallace Wattle began wealth creation by studying the art of wealth creation. His method was based on the aspects of successful financial wealth creation under the universal theories taught in almost every financial school. For many years, he specialized in the belief that anything is possible and that is why he used his popular monistic theory as a way of seeing the world.

Wallace Wattles practiced the science of getting rich and applies the theory to think and grow rich. With this theory in mind, t he wrote over five self empowerment publications, several manuscripts and a single novel and when he passed on, he had proved to the world that his wealth creation theory worked and can work for anyone else.

Though his theory of creating wealth, there are key lessons for people to learn. According to his theory, "The New Thought Principle" he records how his famous wealth creation method works. In addition to this, he includes what he studied in various fields including the Science of Getting Rich and the idea to achieve his wealth creation ideas was through the urge for self-development.

This is no wonder that Wallace Wattle's thoughts and ideas are based on is strong belief that in order to succeed in creation of wealth by living positively and focusing on making enough money and improving your life and that of those you care about leading to financial freedom. He argues that devotion is the beginning of success in wealth creation and personal commitment to thinking positively.

He emphasizes on combining visualization of success, putting the extra effort and believing in ones ability as the only way to make money and be financially stable. He uses simple methods like having the right mindset and avoiding excuses. His scientific approach negates the school of thought that ones upbringing determines their destiny.

Wallace was not known to many and he did not cut a distinct figure in the public domain but his impact is still being felt. All his theories, books, manuscripts and a novel made him to become a mentor. His works has made many people gain financial freedom and change their lives. His books are good motivational pieces for people seeking to be free financially.

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