Saturday, September 21, 2013

Army Vet Turned Novelist Writes Heartwarming Love Story.

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By Hazel Pitkin

Recently, I had the good fortune to read Some Glad Morning, a novel by Gary C. Horton. Rarely have I been so moved by a work of fiction. I was told it was a love story and that was what I expected. However, I quickly realized it was much more than that.

Some Glad Morning reminds me of the bestseller Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, but with more heart, more soul. Some Glad Morning has a magical way of touching us down deep.

The protagonist, Ransom MacTavish, is a destitute farm boy who captures our heart on the first page. When he leaves the farm in South Carolina to fight in the First World War, we willing follow. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes you are ever likely to experience we witness Ransom attending to his dying lieutenant. Afterwards, he is left with the love letters of a wealthy Charleston lady. Once home, Ransom confronts the demons of greed and racism to prove himself worthy of the lady's affection.

While Some Glad Morning has a strong love story, it is more, much more. Like a knight's quest for his lady, Ransom is propelled by his heart. His journey is our journey and his courage gives us hope. Mr. Horton has an extraordinary gift for touching us deeply. I'm sure you will find his novel resonates emotionally like few other stories.

Ransom's challenges arise because of his innocence. Still, he must face and defeat the monsters of greed and stupidity. Through it all, it is his courage to love that carries him onward.

Within the opening paragraph you realize you are in the hands of a mature and gifted novelist. Mr. Horton vividly renders characters and settings. His story resonates so brilliantly you will remember Ransom for years as though he was once part of your life. An early, heartbreaking scene which takes place on a battlefield in France will move you to tears, but it is from this dark place we rise to follow Ransom's quest.

After reading Some Glad Morning, I felt reassured. Like enduring novels from the past, Some Glad Morning lifted my spirit. It gave me pause and moved me to reflect on my closest relationships and what I expected from myself.

I saw how each one of us is on a journey and we are tested to see if we are strong enough to go the distance for our greatest love. Some Glad Morning is a tremendous story, one I'm sure you will remember for a long time.

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