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The 3 Personalities Of A Small Business Owner

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By Heidi Shimberg

I:30:J We have been big enthusiasts of the Book, "The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber. There is a lot awareness that can absolutely assist small business owners to better understand their business and why they do what they do.

Early in the book, he explains concerning The Entrepreneur, The Manager and The Technician. These are three very different personas which can be inside each small business owner. The reason this is such a powerful principle for Couple Entrepreneurs, is that it further shows that a couple can be more successful running their business together than alone. We have described about comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of your partner to help make your business more effective. However it is also useful to further designate which of the character traits is stronger in each of you:

The Entrepreneur - this is the Thinker and the Visionary. In our case, this is Scott. The quantity of ideas that he comes up with is astonishing! Many dinner discussions with friends, he is conjuring up a new goods and services to take to market. Each small business requires this kind of thinker since otherwise the business will get stale and not develop and mature with new thoughts, suggestions and technologies. Remember to make sure that The Entrepreneur discusses the ideas with The Manager before acting on them. The most illogical business we ventured into was owning a restaurant - The Manager of us, Heidi, expressed the perils associated with that business, however we pursued it anyway. We had a hard time and eventually shut it down and sold it.

The Manager - this is the proverbial organizer. This individual desires to visualize the actual business running. Ensuring that everything has a place, that every job is detailed and can see the start and the end of the entire process. In our situation, this is Heidi. Scott pops up with an idea for a business or a new system that we should attempt to boost our current businesses and Heidi evaluations it. She asks all the hard queries, many people might infer this as being a downer; however Scott, The Entrepreneur understands that these questions should be asked and appreciates the "Devil's Advocate" approach. But she also respects that a few of the visionary ideas have to be tried, even if each detail is not discovered in advance.

The Technician - this is the doer. Successful couples share this role. If only one partner is the Technician, then that partner will work himself or herself to the bone and can resent the The Entrepreneur and The Manager. But you must be careful not to do the same tasks. Scott works with our web designer to create our Site but I handle the content. Scott goes onto the home sites to meet with Subs; I talk to the various departments to make sure the process is moving forward. We often remind couple entrepreneurs to not duplicate efforts. A good analogy is mowing the lawn - you don't both need to push the mower, one can push the mower, the other can bag up the clippings.

As Michael Gerber describes in his book, in order for a small business to become successful, all 3 of these personalities needs to be included in every day actions. It is simple to get involved with the doing or the managing and forget to have perspective. It is good to read and learn and see vision, yet there has to be real creation. As couple entrepreneurs, you have got the fortune of spreading these personality traits with your partner. You will probably understand that you handle the other parts of your life in the same ways too.

Identify these personality traits in you and your partner and be thankful for the incredible value they collectively bring to your small business.

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