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Some Glad Morning: A Novel You'll Tell Your Friends About.

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By Ruth Mickle

Discovering a terrific novel before it becomes a bestseller is like striking gold. It's what keeps me going. I'm always thrilled to recommend a good book. By now, I'm sure you know I'm rather particular about what I read and even more particular about the books I recommend.

Some Glad Morning, by Gary C. Horton, is, quite frankly, a marvelous story. It's a novel with legs, as they used to say in publishing. At first glance, Some Glad Morning might appear to be simply a remarkable love story. It is a remarkable love story and I promise it will melt your heart, but it's also the story of a young man making his way against horrific odds.

Some of the many things you will find endearing about Some Glad Morning are the characters. Some are quirky, to say the least, some are inspiring and some will take your breath away. It is as if somehow Mr. Horton has made the familiar magical. You'll want to tell others about this book.

The main character is Ransom, the son of a share cropper in South Carolina. He volunteers for the Army in order to earn cash for his impoverished family. But, it's 1918 and he's immediately sent to the trenches to fight in the First World War. An assault across no man's land fails miserably and Ransom is stranded in a shell hole with a dying lieutenant.

The young lieutenant has carried into combat the love letters from his fiancee, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the daughter of a wealthy Charleston planter. The young officer's last request is to hear the letters from Elizabeth read to him. In what can only be described as a most heartbreaking scene, Ransom reads to the young man as he dies. Afterward, Ransom finds comfort in the letters too and believes he has fallen in love with Elizabeth.

After the war, Ransom pursues Elizabeth in spite of the fact that he is penniless and she is a Charleston aristocrat. The situation is hopeless as Ransom faces a wealthy and unscrupulous competing suitor, pig-headed racism, destitution and unforgiving stupidity.

But, through the delightfully quirky wisdom of an eccentric Civil War veteran and the endearing courage of a pregnant runaway, Ransom finds his way through the fickle turns of love. Not only does Ransom find his way, but his trials forge in him courage to bet everything on his heart.

Some Glad Morning has one of the most uplifting endings I have ever experienced in a book or a film. In fact, this is one novel I would dearly love to see made into a movie. That hasn't happened yet, but fortunately, it has been made into an audio book flawlessly narrated by voice actress Janet Metzer. I highly recommend Some Glad Morning.

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