Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nursing Short Stories Can Be Quite Dangerous

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By Rachael Gutierrez

Nursing short stories have been around for many years and people enjoy hearing these tales over and over. The pretty young girls who decide to venture into this particular profession have dedicated their lives towards helping those in need. Anyone who is ill can always rely upon their nice manners and very beautiful smile everyday.

Some time in the past an American girl had made up her mind to work for the people involved in medicine. She was a great older sister towards her younger siblings and they loved her very much. This woman was able to guide them through many difficult times through their lives. No one was surprised when graduated from the best medical university.

One major hospital had processed her application rather fast since they were so impressed with her skills. They had high hopes for her and this is one reason why she was placed with the hardest physician. This was a man who had been in the profession for years and he took no nonsense from any of his workers. He could also be very sadistic at times.

Many nights this young lass went home in tears because of the things that were said to her. The doctor would sometimes call her bad names and made her feel very unworthy. She had decided to still continue on her job and cope with this man. As the days went on she discovered that this evil doctor was angry at the world because of his personal tragedies. His wife died suddenly and his dear son had died in an accident.

Time would go by slowly as the two of them worked side by side with many ill people. They were able to bond with each other during their lunch and dinner breaks in the hospital cafeteria. Whenever they were together it seemed as if everyone else just disappeared.

It really surprised this young medical woman when this gruff and sometimes difficult doctor asked her out on a date. She was very reluctant at first since the two of them were colleagues and it might cause gossip around the hospital. This smart woman told him "no" the first two times that he asked but on his third try she said "yes".

Before long these two people had become a true couple and everyone at the hospital knew about this. She now found herself making love to this man in every empty room at the hospital. This woman could not resist the eager doctor's charms and there was no stopping their passion.

Unfortunately not all nursing short stories have a very happy ending. Everyone within the hospital found out that this dedicated physician still had a wife at home and they shared no children at all. He had made up the entire story about his family because he was a sex maniac. His wife on the other hand was a very vengeful woman who decided to end his life with a bullet. His mistress was also killed in the process.

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