Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nursing Stories Can Make You Cry

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By Marsha Klein

There are certain nursing stories that will really break someone's heart. These are the type of tales that everyone loves to listen to since they are so realistic and moving. People all over the United States have all witnessed the wonderful acts that these caretakers do on a daily basis and it is no surprise that many of them are loved by millions.

New York is well known for having so many people with different personalities. There was one lady who lived within this city and she worked very diligently at one of the hospitals. Each day the woman would always dash eagerly through the streets of the city. She did not want to ever be late for work and this made her employers quite happy. This woman was even more dedicated to this profession since she also did private work for an older person.

She could not wait to get to upstate New York each afternoon when her job at this hospital was completed. She would catch one of the many trains that glided up and down the busy tracks. A nice big automobile was always at the upstate station to meet her.

The older lady was always happy to see her dear friend and caretaker each and every night. The two of them would always play a game of checkers after dinner was served and then they would do some knitting. After this was done the senior woman would become tired and this was the attendants cue to help her to bed.

The faithful caretaker would help this lady change clothes and climb into her nice big bed. Sometimes she would read to the older woman if there was enough time. Once this grand dame was asleep the younger lady would take her leave and head back to New York City.

She would always think of the fun times that she and the senior would have every time she made this house call. These memories would engulf her mind as she rode the very isolated train back into the still busy city. In a way she wished that these visits could go on forever but she knew that life was not that simple. Time was always ticking away and everyone and everything around was only getting older and older. All of these thoughts stayed with her until she arrived at home.

The next day after her shift at the hospital was over with she immediately headed towards the busy train station. She could not wait to tell her dear old friend about her adventurous day and all of the excitement that had taken place. As usual the big black car was there to meet her again and she quickly climbed onto the back seat.

A great deal of nursing stories are always told with tact and great style even if they end in a disturbing manner. This girl received very shocking news once she entered the large house. Her dear senior friend had died while sleeping and this meant the end of their friendship. In a short matter of time this faithful attendant discovered that she would now be a part of the woman's fortune forever.

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