Sunday, November 3, 2013

Opportunities For The New Nurse Author

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By Marsha Klein

As a nurse author you can get busy meeting the demand for your writing in a selection of niches. There is a growing need for writers both in fiction and nonfiction. Within fiction nurses can choose to write novels or they could write for scripts for the cinema and for television. Hospital dramas remain extremely popular.

Nurses who have a belief that they can let others benefit from the experience and insight should not be afraid of taking to writing. There are some who feel that their only calling is to care for the sick and needy and that lofty ideas such as writing should be left to the professionals. However, this is a faulty worldview that needs to be addressed.

Firstly, in order to qualify in the profession, nurses have to do a lot of writing in the form of essays and dissertations. This fact alone provides good preparation for writing any publishable works. In doing these academic writings you have to research and plan and lay down ideas coherently. These are all directly applicable even to the work of fiction. Therefore, you are already a trained writer to an extent.

Another factor to consider is that providing care to the community does not only mean providing primary care in the form of nursing. It can also mean supplying care information to those that seek it. People trust nurses and seek their advice on a range of health related matters which they can access easily through reading. Also, trained nurses can help to train other nurses by helping to write training material.

There are numerous topics that ordinary people are looking for information that can be provided by nurses. Pregnancy, childbirth and infant care is a big topic that is constantly being researched by new mothers. Other topics are also seeing a growth of interest such as elderly care. General wellbeing including diet, nutrition and exercise are also topics people look to nurses for guidance on.

Indeed, more and more people are taking charge of their own health needs and trying to reduce the amount of time they spend visiting doctor surgeries and hospitals. Areas such as alternative healthcare and medicine are huge growth areas and areas in which it is relatively easy for professional practitioners such as nurses to branch into.

New communication technology, as opened up even more avenues than ever for writers to get their work read. Blogging is a great vehicle for nursing professionals to educate people about their health or about the healthcare sector in general. Most blogging is done as a labor of love but there is money to be made from it if you know how to go about it properly.

No one is saying that getting published by the major publishing houses is an easy feat as a first time nurse author. You will have to be persistent if this is your aim. You can also consider self publishing. This offers more autonomy since you do not have to satisfy the dictates of a publishing house as to what is marketable and what is not. However, you must be prepared to handle your own publicity and marketing if book sales is a factor that is of concern to you.

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