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Aron Ralston And His Tragic Survivalist Story

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By Walter Campbell

If you are familiar with the movie 127 Hours last 2010, then be aware that the subject portrayed by James Franco was actually based from the life of Aron Lee Ralston of an accident that happened in Utah in 2003. What happened was he used a pocketknife in giving amputation to his right arm just to escape the boulder that blocked him from getting out in the Blue John Canyon in five days. As painful as that sounds, he managed to survive.

When the occurrence did not happen yet, this man has been noted for being a good motivational speaker, outdoorsman, or even an engineer. He spends a lot of his free time in climbing many mountains like the ones in Colorado of about fourteen thousand feet or canyoneering. That is not detailed enough so here is what really happened during the risky survivalist story of Aron Ralston.

It was exactly April 26, 2003 which he hiked by himself only the Blue John Canyon at the eastern Wayne County, Utah. By the time he reached the slot canyon, a boulder suddenly dislodged and smashed his right hand. He got stuck and no help came for him because he did not inform anyone that he hiked.

He became sort of hopeless while staying there in five days and he slowly ate his two burritos and drank limited water while finding ways to get the arm out of the rock. On its third day, dehydration met his fate and he already got desperate in cutting his right arm. With the tourniquets he had at hand, he did experiments on how to properly cut by amputating a forearm to practice.

On day four, it crossed in his mind to finally do an amputation deep within his bones and he disregarded the fact that he had the worst tools for use. He also forced his self in saving the urine he excretes only to drink it later especially on day five when there was already nothing to eat and drink. He brought a videotape so he used that for bidding goodbyes to the whole family and also managed to carve on walls that indicated his name, date of birth, or assumed date of death.

In amputating, he used the two inch knife for that. It got super dull which was caused in the carving. Still, he was successful.

He was already single handed but he had to hike out with the extreme heat of the sun and he had no phone in his ride too. Luckily, he found a family on a trip from the Netherlands. In the process of alerting the right authorities to save him, they gave him some water and Oreos for a while.

He might have died if he bled to death but that did not happen even in losing weight. Individuals who rescued him finally arrived and brought him to a helicopter. He got saved while he got an amputated arm for six hours with no treatment.

When asked about what would have happened if he just waited for rescue, he replied that he would be found dead. Moreover, it would take thirteen men to remove the boulder. With his arm cremated, he scattered the ashes back where they belong.

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