Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tips On Surviving A Power Outage In Your Neighborhood

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By Jennifer Allen

Sometimes, you cannot avoid the inevitability of a power outage within your area and it is important to remember that you must not go into panic mode when this happens. So rather than spending your time wallowing in misery, you should instead focus your energies on preparing for such eventualities. To discover how you can endure the temporary inconvenience of not having any electricity at home, here are some useful hints of advice to guide you along the way.

You must understand that there are reasons for outages happening in the first place. It might be because of faulty mechanisms that need repair or perhaps it was deactivated due to incoming storms that might cause severe damage. Quite often, these things are given advanced warning from the utility providers, so people will have ample time to plan ahead when surviving the grid going down.

No power means no light, and that can be really annoying especially when you still have no electricity during nighttime hours. To remedy this problem, make sure your house has substitute lighting sources such as lanterns and candles. For a more non flammable solution, you could also employ some flashlights or emergency lights which will last you all through the night.

Perishable food items stored in your fridge are in danger of being spoiled right after the power goes out of service. As such, you need to take them out and cook them straightaway before they turn inedible. And you need to ensure that there will be no leftovers because the refrigerator is out of order and any extras will not be stored properly unless there is active refrigeration.

In relation to the previous point, your kitchen pantry must be stocked with canned goods and other food items that do not require refrigeration. This will be especially helpful since majority of such products can simply be opened and reheated on your gas stove. However, you should use them only when you have consumed all of the perishables in your fridge first.

When your electric stove is unfortunately out of commission due to the cutoff, then be resourceful and use other means to help cook the food you need to eat. Think about buying a portable butane stove used for camping as this is adequate for things like boiling water and heating canned goods. This will surely be a useful investment for contingency measures such as power outages.

Outage announcements are usually dispatched through local TV and radio stations, so always pay attention when such information is being delivered. In this regard, you should always charge your smartphone ahead of time so you have it ready for use when contacting your loved ones. Refrain from using your phone unnecessarily because you must save it for emergency calls or texts.

Lastly, take this opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy activities from places that have backup power such as malls. If the outage happens during daytime, then allow yourself to hang out at a public park while reading a good book you have been meaning to read for a while. Just because there is no electricity does not mean you have no options to entertain yourself in the interim.

Try to remain calm and collected when you realize that the grid has gone down for the meantime. That being said, this guide should hopefully help you survive the inconvenient ordeal. Keep a positive attitude and be confident that this power outage will soon pass.

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