Thursday, July 21, 2016

Surviving The Grid Going Down And How To Do It

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By Jason Mitchell

Calamity can be on your door any moment from now. It could be next year, next month or today. This can be very sudden and fears. From one moment you are safe until the next hour, you noticed yourself grasping for your life. You cannot, after all, underestimate the nature. The effect might be too massive that you would feel it even in a week or month.

Nobody knows when it will last. It can be for a day, week and even for a month. The impact and damage can affect the rehabilitation period. Not to mention the ability of your government to address this issue. When things turn as a game for surviving the grid going down, you must play your part to win.

The most important commodity that will be out in service during these natural disasters can be your electricity. That is a terrible news especially in winter, the time when you need it the most for your heater. On top of that, due to its vast effect, road access might be proved difficult. If you have loved ones who were injured, the hospital might be not the best place to take good care of your needs especially if they are a victim too.

However as a head of the family, what you can do right now is to protect them if this happen. You cannot expect fro the government right away. Think about how many people had suffered aside from you. The issue of loathing and killing for survival might even take place.

Imagine the picture that will take place in your surrounding. There would be loathing. There will be death. Starvation is present. To lessen your burden, while still early, here are the things you must do.

Build a strong home. You must know from the beginning that your house is your guardian when it comes to securing your safety from storm and floods. Hence, it should build enough to adhere to those things. On top of that, make sure that the arrangement is done carefully to avoid getting heat with any fragile materials while sleeping. Keep your water heater lock with a strap to also avoid an explosion.

Stocking of supplies. Water and foods. You might lose access to those things while the supermarket is still not open for business. This is the time where money is proved to be useless. That is how critical the moment can be. Hence, make it a habit to always store foods and water every month. It must be easy to prepare even without heating or cooking. Store it in a safe that can resist the infiltration of water.

Prepare a medicine kit. Due to the scattered and flying debris, there is a great chance that someone from your family will get hurt. Hence, you need to have antibiotics to prevent any infection. Furthermore, always consider to include aspirin and paracetamol in your kit. With the poor temperature and ventilation, expect that your children will be exposed to fever.

Another source of electricity. Batteries for flashlight and radio. Generator for your heater. Those things are very important while waiting for the installation of the electricity. During winter, no certain people are saving with the freezing cold without any heat source. You must take it in mind to always prepare yourself for the possibility. Especially on your power source. You would be needing it to get contact to the news from the other world. Communication and security are few of the things it can offer.

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