Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Story Of Survival That You Cannot Believe You Are Reading

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By Jose Carter

People by default always like adventure and some of them never really cared to what extent. There are fascinating stories that comes along these types of adrenaline filled activities. Some of which will really stun people especially of stories that are beyond comprehension.

Story of survival is actually popular nowadays especially that some of them were made into a movie to inspire people. In here, you will get to read most of them and learn from what they have gone through. Maybe in the end, you may say that your life might not suck at all, so start reading.

One man went sailing through the ocean by using the boat that he has made, a small one to say the least. And because of the dimension, it could not withstand the condition of the water, thus, it sank. The person was afloat only by using a shaft, a makeshift spear, and low food by the time he was located.

Another man decide to go snowboarding and had taken out of the path then got lost when he decided to go back. He only has an mp3 in his hands which he reinvented to serve him as a compass as he makes his way. When found, he already has frostbites and a leg that needs to be medically cut off.

Two mountain climbers went off to an adventure in the region of Peruvian Andes without much trouble until a snowstorm came. They roped themselves in and slowly creep towards safety, until one of them fell and injured his leg. The other decided to lower his injured friend, but met a snowstorm, thus, he had to cut down the rope but fortunately, his friend dropped into a crevice and both of them survive.

It was a trip but two brothers found them in a difficult situation when one break his leg from an impact of a boulder. To save his brother, he went alone back to their campsite only to get lost. But he got, reported the said incident and fortunately, the two were saved.

Another amazing story was of a surfer which movie has inspired millions of people from around the world. She was attacked by a shark that ripped her arm off from below her armpit. Instead of crying, she utilized her other to swim to her companions while shouting of the attack but she still went on surfing until now.

A hiker found himself in a challenging position when he was thrown into a canyon and trapped his arm in between a boulder. He was running low on supplies so he snapped his arm and cut off his flesh with the use of a knife. After that, he climbed to the surface where other hikers saw him.

These are stories that will truly inspire anyone that would think of giving up. They did not even give up even when life seems to make them not want to live. But they did and to those who want to know more, just visit their sites and know more about it.

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