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Eyes Of A Valley Girl Is A Unique Look At The 60s

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By Mark Ellis

The type of book that this is is a retro autobiographical fantasy. In it, we see how Marianne, who this story is told through, gets to achieve her success by having to push through adversity. The story takes places in suburban Southern California in the 1960s. When you read Eyes of a Valley Girl, MW Lilly's autobiographical work of art, you might never be the same afterward because she takes you down roads that you've never known existed with such vivid detail that you feel like you were there.

As our storyteller sees, good can overcome evil, and the story tells of how she and other people overcome various forms of evil. This book is a celebration of the growing optimism and compassion that was prevalent at the time. By going on this journey, the main character will convey the cosmic way that she views the universe and mankind.

MW Lilly, who wrote the book, lives on the Island of Hawaii in South Kona. She is originally from Hollywood and lived there until her family moved to the Valley in 1958. She is a graduate of Birmingham High School in Van Nuys.

People who have read the book are saying that it's fun to read, with also some bittersweetness in there as well. By viewing the story from the perspective of this particular woman, and in the time period that it's set in, there are interesting and unique experiences abound. However, the subject matter dealt with always has some pain and struggle involved, though it's buffered with much humor and success.

In this kind of a book, it's imperative that the author has a strong, well-defined voice that will carry you through the story and be believable that the author is actually the character. MW Lilly couldn't be more authentic sharing her own personal experiences and peppering in perfect amounts of humor and angst. She delivers very clear descriptions and makes you feel like you're there with her.

Some of us enjoy reading because you get to learn things that you've never even heard of if you're reading attentively. Lilly throws in a lot of informative details about things like French cooking and culture, and even a bit of La Belle Epoque. She also talks about Ganesha, and describes the symbolism of this deity.

Autobiographies are very unique in that they show us parts of people's lives which we could not see from that angle any other way. Sometimes the writer goes through very painful experiences, and sharing them and allowing other people to read them can help other people going through similar situations to deal with that adversity. In this book, we see Marianne living with abuse from an alcoholic parent, and how she stays optimistic and compassionate and finds a way through.

Promise and courage can be very powerful concepts for those who are going through tough or confusing times, such as moving on into adulthood. When one is coming of age, one needs the reassurance of what life's going to be, or just that they are going to be okay and are going to be able to figure things out, because it can be so overwhelming. This coming of age story is a great pick for anyone, and it comes highly recommended.

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