Friday, July 28, 2017

Why You Should Read Sex Drugs Rock And Roll Book

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By Rebecca Allen

In the current generation, science is almost everywhere. The rise of sciences has greatly helped to reshape our perceptions. With the availability of internet most people are able to research and come up with their own conclusions. The most common topics studied such as the stem cells, the genes and the evolution stories have led to some unimaginable discoveries. This new ways of discoveries commonly referred to as guerilla science has taken root over time. It is a new way of connecting science and people and it is clearly illustrated in the Sex drugs rock and roll book written by Zoe Cornier.

Most topics are written in the modern ways and in very simplest manner that everyone can understand them. Some topics of interest to may such as the hedonistic tendencies are clearly brought out. It tries to explain the passion behind the discoveries of most of the things such as drugs and sex. The book disagrees with most of the common understanding about sexuality and sex. It brings new discoveries that have not been widely discussed before.

In one of the most featuring topic, she discusses about the general life of most people. The power of rock music is illustrated on how the guitar rhythms can bring peace to a depressed person. The drugs are also discussed widely and she tries to explain the science behind their discoveries and why most of the superstars cannot get enough of them. The book explains on what happens behind the scenes especially for the celebrated music stars.

The book goes further to showcase the role of the media to the society. The media has a way of placing some ideologies into the peoples mind but it is always a different case especially for the lives of the music superstars.

Through the media we are able to see how the celebrities engage in sex and drugs. That could be because of their power and influence of money and fame. On the other hand the viewers may also try to engage into drugs and sex but the truth could be that they are escaping from the world realities.

Several scientific questions are asked in the book. In the quest to find answers, more practical approach is displayed. The scientist goes to the extreme and even use their selves as specimen to try and find out on some issues. The text explores the less known facts about science and brings the natural consciousness into display.

Most of the topics in the text are well researched despite being engaging and easy to understand. The science behind the text is fun and captivating. She accurately explains the topic of the epigenetics that most scientists avoid in the simplest way possible. She derives most of her references from the already written text books.

Most of the unanswered questions about life are answered in this text. She highlights on those topics that most people shy from talking about. The author acknowledges that some issues cannot be answered by sciences. Those that can be backed up by science are explained in very simple away. The book brings the effectiveness of science and how it can be used as a powerful tool to make us understand most of the unexplained life phenomenon.

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