Saturday, September 30, 2017

Why You Must Know Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Better

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By Helen Green

A lot of false prophets came today to preach about God. However, instead of preaching His name, tons of them try to preach their church and congregation instead. Instead of religion created for Christ, it becomes a congregation for business. It might be preaching or saying the words of Christ. However, as you could see for the long run, the interior motives of their founders are not the same at all.

You are given the power to know the difference between wrong and rights. Even people who lack the ability to feel emotions are given the chance to think things rationally. Therefore, use that ability to differentiate good from rights. For your guide, read the Bible. There is no need to become part of the Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Group just to understand that. The Bible is a universal book. Even if some people said that they are highly manipulated and changed, God is the same. Whoever changed it, He guarantees to give them severe punishments.

Therefore, if you like a reliable source of knowing more the creator, use the bible. That is the best weapon you can use to defend yourself from evil things in this world. Reading the words of God will give you peace of mind and happiness. Use it for your everyday life. Living in this world is hard. To live a comfortable life, you must turn a blind eye to those people around you.

Despite with this, though, you better learn to overcome and counter it. Find the strength to refuse from temptations. Jesus Christ has overcome it. He overcomes human weaknesses even with His position. That is why there is no way you can never do it. Believe on yourself. After all, from the start, the Lord decided to believe in you.

Follow the ten commandments. That is a strict rule. Understand what are those requirements are. If you like, read the promises of God. That is true. He has tons of promises. Figure it out. Read the Bible. God would punish those people who would change it. Therefore, assure that you are still on a good hand.

It is not a boring place, though. There, you will be able to do tons of things that you failed to do here on Earth. You can be a philosopher, a baker, or an entertainer. There would be tons of jobs out there waiting for you. Hence, try to look forward to it. Today, strive. It is already a privilege to be alive. Therefore, use your life effectively.

That is true. Sins would not only affect you. It will also affect those individuals around you. You see, it acts like a virus. It multiplies. Therefore, stop doing such thing. Instead of sinning, evaluate yourself. Ask why you are still doing those things up until now. You might have some reasons for it. People try to run away from their problems by giving up.

He wants you to use that effectively. Therefore, try to discover yourself further. This is just the beginning of your journey. If you have performed tons of good things here on Earth, you would be rewarded with an internal life. Overcome your failures and challenges. Turn away from sinning. Sinning will never give you real happiness.

In fact, they would only make your life miserable and unfortunate. There are various reasons that cause someone to sin. However, mostly, his weaknesses as a human are the primary root of evil. For you to get a passport on Heaven, you better overcome it. Have the will. Find the strength and courage to overcome your evil thoughts.

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