Friday, September 29, 2017

What Determines African American Christian Fiction Novels

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By Richard Barnes

Many different authors are differentiated on their styles of writing. They sell themselves through the writings they pile in their books. To make a good writer who has the market, you need to know the kind of books to write and their required contents. Failure to that, your writing will lack meaning. The following are characteristics of African American Christian fiction novels.

They base the romance on more than physical attraction. Romance brings about love leading to marriage. A holy romance discourages choosing based on physical appearance as it is discrimination. Therefore, romance portrayed in these writings show people who came into marriage as a result of many other things and factors not based on physical appearance only. The author is to show other qualities such as helping and not only to the person one is attracted to but also to others especially the needy. It also discourages romance among a believer and a non-believer as it is also based on physical attraction.

Avoid violence and revenge. These two are sinful acts according to the bible. They are acts of those who do not believe in doing good. The Bible emphasizes that one shows good to those who hurt them and resistance of actions that may inflict pain to the people. Violence leads to the pouring of blood and inflicts pain.

Lack sexual sin glamour. Almost every book that is developed today has a scene concerning sexual sin. This is also common in Christian fiction. Although when used in these books, the author should not glamour it. They need to show how much it is as sin, condemn it and discourage it completely. Every sinful scene that appears inside here should be pointed out and their severe punishments as a result of those who committed it.

Lack profanity. What people talk is what they possess, what writers write in their books determines who they are. The words they use in writing are words they use in talking. A mango tree cannot bear cherry the same way believers cannot bring forth the actions of a non-believer. This, therefore, means that a person who is writing these books should shun away from using bad language and an abusive word which encourages immorality.

Actors who are believers should act in integrity or suffer the consequences. Believers acting in the given book should be portrayed as people who follow morality and integrity in their actions. They should not be allowed to win in cases of compromising their personalities to fit their circumstances. In such compromise, the author needs to show the consequences of their actions.

They have a Christian message. At the end of every novel, it should point out the message that a person is to learn after reading it. Even before the end of a book, the reader should be able to know the lesson. And this lesson is based on moral teachings as dictated by the Bible.

Have a biblical basis. The stories told should trace back to the biblical teachings and should try as much as possible to emulate the morals seen in the teachings of the bible since they aim to lead people to become believers. It has a role in avoiding giving the wrong perspective to a person reading the book.

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