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A Short List Of The Best Well Written Dark Comedy Novel

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By Robert Peterson

During the thirties, the Surrealist movement rose in popularity and it was evident in numerous applications. A product of this movement was the creation of black comedy, which is considered a classical style of comedy that relied on dark subject matters. This includes making light on various topics that are otherwise, considered taboo or scandalous by nature. Due to this, entertainers and people who enjoyed this new brand of humor were considered unorthodox during this time.

Nowadays, this style of comedy is still being used by many artists and performers whose names have become intertwined by the genre. This had led to the creation of paintings, sculptures, songs, movies, and even books. To expand more on the latter, below is a short list of the best well written Dark Comedy Novel.

A famous and modern author known for this literary format is Chuck Palahniuk. He is known for using dark humor as a means of entertainment and a plot device, as evident in Haunted. The plot involves short stories focused on all the characters involved. These stories are compiled and intertwine during the course of events, to create a unifying retelling of the horrors faced by these strangers while being trapped under one roof together.

Daniel Handler is another author to use this format, evident in his book titled The Basic Eight. The reader becomes engrossed reading the musings and thoughts of a high school kid named Flannery, who writes all these in a diary format. The diary contains clever quips and musings on the educational system, topics on Satanism, and the prominence of talk shows portrayed by the media. At the last few pages, Flannery becomes involved in a school interpretation of Othello, during which she compares herself to characters included in it.

Nick Cave is known primarily as the vocalist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but has also ventured into literature in his spare time. This is evident in his work called The Death of Bunny Munro. The plot follows Bunny, a grown man who is suffering from the suicide of his now deceased wife. He becomes increasingly depressed and relies on alcohol and unconventional relationships with other women to get him by. When the need to support his lifestyle and young son becomes apparent, he gets a job as a door to door cosmetics salesman, unaware of the serial killer who has been stalking him ever since.

Another Chuck Palahniuk novel that makes this list is titled Choke, which was also adapted into a movie. The story revolves around a man named Victor, who is addicted to sexual intercourse and is stressed over finding a suitable job to pay for the expenses in keeping his mother in a good nursing home. After receiving various donations, he manages to obtain a position working at a colonial museum before being able to build the home he always wanted.

A popular comic that was first created in the40s is One Hundred and One Uses for a Dead Cat. This was conceptualized by Simon Bond, who draws and creates dialogue for this one panel comic and compiled everything into numerous books. The cats that are drawn often face horrors, often having a gory or macabre tone to it.

The Sirens of Titan is both a black comedy and science fiction work, authored by Kurt Vonnegut. It follows the events that took place during the Martian invasion on Earth, where a group of citizens ponder on a number of topics. This generally included the presence of an ominous god, free will, and a question that haunts them all, what exactly is their purpose in their seemingly mortal existence.

The Rules of Attraction was written by Bret Eaton Ellis, who is also known for his satirical works. This novel focused on three bohemian art college students, who become intertwined with one another. This results in a love triangle, which was converted into a major film during the early two thousands.

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