Monday, October 2, 2017

Things To Know About The Burden Of Gratitude

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By Michael Anderson

Most people everywhere are familiar with the importance of being grateful, and how it can have incredibly positive effects on a person's life. What a lot of people do not think about is how the act of gratefulness also comes with its own baggage in many different ways. The burden of gratitude can include things like guilt, pain, and other challenges that can plague people and make it difficult to truly enjoy and appreciate the things they have in their life.

When something is difficult to understand in the real world, it can often be helpful to turn to books. When it comes to gratefulness, certain novels that explore the topic are a great way of shedding new light on what it truly means to be grateful and how that can have both positive and negative impacts. While in real life a person only has one perspective, by reading a good book, a person can have many.

Anyone who loves to read has probably heard of the great writer Jane Austen, but many do not know how powerfully some of her books portray the dangers of gratefulness being used abusively. A prime example of this is the book called Mansfield Park, which is centered around the character of Fanny. After coming into good fortune, Fanny is expected to show high levels of gratefulness, and it is in this way used against her.

When a person is full of guilt because of how good he or she has it, that individual is less likely to actually give back and contribute to society. While these feelings of guilt are seated deep in the psyche and come from the knowledge that there are many people out there in the world who do not have it as good as that person, the guilt alone makes a person hide from that knowledge. It takes a positive mentality to want to be proactive about it.

Sometimes in many different types of social situations, a person can be asked for a favor and they will expect something in return. While sometimes this is an agreed-upon arrangement by friends or coworkers, there are times in life when a person is given a gift. Gifts, by definition, are free.

It is hard to imagine, but sometimes people can feel resentment when someone does something nice for them. This is because society has made people believe that something must always be exchanged for goods or services. This is unfortunate because some things are truly done out of kindness.

Being grateful is much easier when a person has recognized and accepted what is not in their power to change. While it is true that there are people starving in the world right now, a person's leftovers cannot help them until teleportation is figured out. For now, it is best to appreciate what you have.

It is important to know that no one has the right to expect illegal or immoral things of a person. These types of people should be avoided altogether. In some cases, it is best to report these people to the right authorities.

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