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Struggle With Addiction Books As Catalysts Of Change

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By Scott Cooper

Addiction is a phenomenon of different kinds. It is said to exist in different walks of life. Hence, there are various ways in which this comes to an existence. Recovering from this condition is a tough ride but that ended with recuperation.

People who suffered from addiction actually learned from the ones who once experienced the same struggle. Usually, literary works of those people have come in handy and those who suffered are drowned by it. Struggle with addiction books Modesto CA has become one of the most prevailing and fastest growing among the genres. These were written, published, and read each year.

These authors could be an advocate who wants to raise awareness or a mere journalist or blogger who has the same objective but at the same time, wants to express his or her opinion on the issue through his or her articles. They could be the ones who once experienced such struggling journey. At the back of their minds, these literary pieces, if published, would somehow reflect in many ways how it can cause an impact on the society you are part of and also to the world.

There are different means and mediums as to how addiction is being described and showed. The writings of scriptwriters come to life in movies, indie films, or TV shows. Fiction, being a product of creativity and imagination of the novelist, also depicts such concern in a manner of storytelling. On the other hand, biographies of an existing person, whether living or deceased and popular or infamous, are used as a basis to create nonfictional literary pieces.

To make a narrative more interesting and less conventional, there are slight changes to its structure or the way how novelists wrote them. The conventional version starts with an ordinary and reluctant hero or heroine, who ventured from an ordinary place to a world full of chaos and extreme lows. The modern version is way much different. Instead, it starts with struggles and chaos and ends with overcoming such hurdles.

Addiction is a kind of disease or psychological illness, as what authors called it, that is not experienced by a single individual alone. It could happen to any of your family members, the circle of friends, or other people who matter to you the most. Such experience could wrench hearts for it hurts to see the significant people in your life suffer.

Most authors wrote books that make use of their personal encounters as an example that relates to the same situation because they understand how hard it is to love an addicted person. This helps readers assure of their empathy to them. At the same time, they give advice and hope for their change and recovery.

Addiction is known to have adverse effects on the mentality of a person. Alcoholism is one the common examples. Some nonfictional books are published to help the targeted readers developed coping mechanisms. Exercises on such mechanisms and positive thoughts are given.

From addiction until rehabilitation, its journey is deeply personal as foretold in pages of this literary material. It is amazing how this kind of art possesses an ability to depict ugly nuances of different issues such as this one. This not only depicts its dark side but also the capability of someone to change and quit from doing things that are slowly killing them. For this very reason, these literary works have become catalysts of change.

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