Wednesday, May 9, 2018

6 Ways To Handle Raw Emotions

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By Stephanie Cole

Eruption of range can be more dangerous that a volcano. It will cause you to break relationships that have stood for years or damage properties. Every individual experiences a moment of raw emotions but you need to know how to take control at that moment. Here are tips you can employ to avoid being disastrously emotional.

One of the easiest strategies according to experts is to take deep breaths. It draws you away from the situation for a minute as you focus on the breathing exercise. It also calms you down and protects you from emotional reactions that would cause destruction. It is a distraction but will result in a calm and collected person who can review actions before taking them to avoid disastrous outcomes.

See the world from the eyes of your opponent. This is anchored on the principle that human beings are inherently good. Only a very small percentage of strangers would harm you driven by malice. Be empathetic and known that the reaction would have been different if the circumstances were different. By giving other people the benefit of doubt, you can objectively assess the situation and act appropriately.

Take a break from the situation or environment. There are instances where the burst of anger is triggered by emotions that have accumulated. Once you withdraw from the surrounding, it becomes easier to think straight and avoid acting in a rush. In fact, this helps you to evaluate your reaction and determine if it was deserved. There are situations where the reactions are hurried and extremely biased.

Fight to regain control of your thinking before you do something catastrophic. Outbursts happen when you lose control of the mind. You could be under the control of stress or anxiety. This leads you to rushed and emotional decision. The speed at which you regain control depends on how well you have mastered your feelings. It take practice to resist being emotional.

Seek peace constantly. This requires deep reflections and a conscious decision to be a peaceful person. It is only when you are calm and collected that your decisions will be meaningful. Constantly meditate on positive ideas to build a calm spirit. You should also employ calming music or breathing techniques depending on your situation and resources. Once you are internally calm, you can treat other people better and react without anger.

Keep a diary of your feelings and express them often. This is an important step in self-awareness because it helps you to take responsibility for the actions you take when you get emotional. By expressing these feelings, the built-up anger will reduce. Failure to express your feelings could lead to an outburst in future.

You are unique in your reaction to different scenarios. Know what triggers you to become emotional and try to avoid it. Bear in mind that any reaction that could be harmful will result in losses on your end through broken relationships and damaged properties. Practice to control your reactions and you will never have to deal with the negative consequences of rage.

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