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A Glimpse Into The Past Through African American Civil Rights Movement Facts

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By Michelle Jones

Every individual is entitled to certain rights either by virtue of being human or a citizen of a certain country. Various associations have championed for freedom over the years. It is because there some people in positions of power who violate them because they are seemingly untouchable in terms of the law. The paragraphs below touch on African American Civil Rights Movement Facts.

The purpose was to have equal liberties and freedom as the whites. African Americans were second-class citizens. They faced racial discrimination where they could not access the same public facilities as other people. The right to vote and move freely was also denied. Those with enough courage stood up against these situations for the hope of a better future.

Peace led throughout the protests. These individuals did not have a voice in the society. They did their best to get the attention of the government. They knew quite well that they could not force their opinions on those with preset mindsets. They used boycotts and silent protests to somehow catch the attention of those capable of making changes in their favor.

The clergy was heavily involved in all of this. These individuals have always had an important role to play since the days of old. They gave unsolicited advice and advised those who sought them. They encouraged fathers to care for their families and be a good example. They gave a go-ahead to individuals who wanted to protest on various matters.

This resistance was not met with open arms. Those who deemed themselves superior made plans to counteract the movement and hopefully bring it down. Those involved in the association in any way were not safe. They would be lynched publicly, arrested, or even shot dead. Their families were also at risk of such occurrences.

Efforts of different activists contributed to change. Most people attribute the movement to Martin Luther King Jr. He definitely played a huge role in terms of his leadership and teaching a philosophy that was carried on by many. However, the success that was realized later on was due to the efforts of more than one person. Everyone who resisted, anyone who was arrested or offered support to another activist should be credited for taking part in the successes achieved.

The media played a huge role during this time. Some sources had a nationwide reach while others could reach a worldwide audience. This was through televising the protests that were going on and printing of newspapers. More people were able to see the struggle that many were going through and sympathize. More people rose up and supported the movement because there was a just cause.

Great leaders backed up the movement. They inspired everyone from the youth, women, to the older generation. They worked together to devise methods to help them achieve what they needed. Despite all the setbacks that were in their way, they kept going and pushing for what they believed was right. The fruits of their labor are seen today.

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