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What You Need To Know About Working With Book Publishing Services

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By Helen Fisher

Aspiring writers should know that the publishing industry has grown increasingly smaller over the years. Apart from a handful of struggling, little literary publishers, there is a very limited number of actual publishing houses. Consolidation has left this industry without a ton of competition. This is one of many reasons why people are opting to work with independent book publishing services instead.

Commonly referred to as independent publishing houses, these are businesses that can print as many or as few books as an author's audience requires. Thus, people do not have to worry about wasted cash or paying for products that are not going to actually sell. New orders can be placed for existing titles as needed, such as when buyers are already lined up.

From the prospective of an author, this is the most expedient way to become published when no agencies or publishing houses have shown any interest in a particular title. Printers and agents tend to place the majority of their focus on best-selling authors who have already proven their ability build large readerships and turn significant profits. As an unknown, breaking into this industry is constantly become more challenging.

Working with these companies requires you to understand the differences that exist between their services and the service options that are supplied by more traditional publishers. As an example, you will not get marketing services. Instead, you will be responsible for promoting your book by yourself.

There are, however, service options that allow you to add marketing support in. These are available for an additional cost in most instances. When you order these solutions, your provider will connect you with a number of contacts that can help you set up live readings and other promotional events to boost your sales.

An additional form of support that may not be available to you as an independent author is cover design. In order to truly promote and sale your book well, you need to have cover art that captures the attention of your targeted audience. This means hiring graphic artists or other artists to do this work for you. It additionally entails establishing a reasonable plan for paying the artist, whether through royalty sharing or upfront.

Find out how much a publisher is going to charge before deciding to work with this entity. There are a number of publishers that will do this work for a single upfront cost. Others will want to take a percentage of your sales. If this number is reasonable enough, however, the available services and support may prove worthwhile.

Find out whether printing is offered for both physical publication along with formatting for digital publication. This is vital if you have readers who want to use their e-devices to view your work. Some companies are willing to handle this formatting and distribution on the proper platforms for a minor, added cost.

You have to learn more about what other writers have to say about different companies ahead of choosing one to use. This way, you can know more about the quality of results that an entity is capable of providing and whether or not it will prove financial worthwhile to use these agencies. When people have very negative or positive outcomes, they usually post a lot of helpful insights on the web.

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