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Factors To Consider When Writing Historical Fiction Novels

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By Raymond Howard

Writing hobbyist must be careful with every consideration that they make in writing to create remarkable novels. Good books must maintain their relevance and should not drift away from the context. There are basic rules that one should take note to meet such expectations. The following are seven rules of writing historical fiction novels to think through.

Conduct your research thoroughly. You need to get accurate information about a particular historical event about a specific place or person before starting the writing process. Most experts advise against the internet, but it can be a reliable source of information if one does detailed research. The best sources to consider are historic books written about the events or people that you intend to include in your context.

Immerse yourself to your target culture. You should get enough resources about a particular historical time frame that you intend to use and understand it accordingly. You should be in a position to contemplate every aspect during the specific area. You can restrict yourself to books and movies written and acted during your target period.

Beware of your characters. Choose enough characters that you can manage to consider. Choose names that fit the specific time of your novel and assign them with roles that suit their personality. You should speak their names loud to confirm whether it is clear and easy to remember throughout the story. Avoid using excess protagonists since they might end up confusing the reader if their roles are quite similar.

Balance your details and drama. Mixing details and drama can slow down a reader. A good set of details must evoke the time and place of the setting without slowing down the reader. Even so, the reader should know the duration that a particular event occurred to relate the context with the description or dialogue in the book. Avoid using historic facts as your story line since they do not fulfill the expectations of a reader but provides a framework of the story.

Get enough time to prepare for the novel. You must have enough time to acknowledge every factor related to your writing before you start writing. You must have relevant information about the time frame of your text and a list of your content. Break down the plot into different chapters depending on the flow of content. Making such consideration reduces the time spent in the whole process.

Look for a reliable editor. You need the help of a professional editor to ensure that your context has no issues. Look for an editor who has worked for quite a long duration and has gained experience over time. A reliable editor must correct every aspect in your novel to avoid spending much time on different editors. Even so, you can have at least two editors to have the procedure done thoroughly.

Know the things to avoid during your writing. There are some things that a writer must avoid to maintain relevance in a fiction novel. First, do not offer a lot of background information to avoid boring the readers. Besides that, avoid cramming information about historical events since you might end up writing something different from the facts.

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