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Holy Grail Books Of Modern And Ancient Time

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By Maria Peterson

When it comes to reading, individuals often love to find good reads. When interested in religious legends, myths and history, holy grail books often have a lot to offer. For, there are numerous fiction and non-fiction titles now on the market which delve deep into the myths and legends of the holy grail.

While most associated with the legend of the Fisher King still believe the wafer to be the actual object which provided everlasting life, others believe it to be the grail. In either case, the cup which held the wafer is what most scholars, scientists and theologians hope to find. For, whether having magical or mystical powers or otherwise, the chalice is most likely worth a great deal of money.

Whether a comedy by Monty Python, an adventure like Indiana Jones or drama such as The Da Vinci Code, the chalice holds a great deal of narrative related to Christ. For, the narrative and search have now spanned a course throughout history which still continues today. In one case, due to the belief that the chalice will provide immortal life to all those whom take a drink from the object.

The all-encompassing attraction to the object has expanded throughout the Western art world and well into the literary one. In most cases, art and writing which has been entirely inspired by different legends related to the object. While interesting, even more interesting is the fact that the cup is believed to have been used by Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper, then having caught the blood of Jesus while dying on the cross.

When people discuss the object today, it is often described as some type of vessel depending on whose telling the story. In some cases, it has been described as a chalice, stone, dish or similar item. Most often, whichever item one describes holds magical powers such as the promise of eternal youth, abundance, never ending happiness or eternal life to whomever holds it at the time.

Arthurian literature has done a lot to shape different legends surrounding the object. Still, the story tends to change over time. In fact, there have been numerous adaptations and translations to the original story. Whether having been a stone which fell from the sky, a bowl which provides eternal youth or a cup which caught Christ's blood during the crucifixion, the tales often seem endless, not to mention exaggerated.

Whatever the case, the first text discovered related to the object was a French verse written by Chretien de Troyes. In the verse, the writer illustrates the entire story of the holy grail from Christ's dying on the cross up to King Arthur's death. As such, while some may perceive King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to be an allegory, this would suggest otherwise as there were many years between the time of Jesus and King Arthur.

The writings of Chretien and claims of Count Philip provided the original verse of the text. The text which describes the object as a dish or bowl rather than a cup is believed to be the first writing discovered in relation to the holy relic. As such, it is believed that the grail was a magnificent object which was presented during a procession which was attended by Perceval. Although, there is some controversy as to whether the chalice or the content, being a wafer which healed the Fisher King is the actual sacred object.

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