Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Most Effective Ways To Deal With Raw Emotions

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By Larry Murphy

A beautiful day can be ruined by a single act when you least expect it. This leaves you seething with raw emotions to the point of taking a nasty drastic action. Experts advise people to manage these feelings because they may cause a lot of damage. But how do you deal with them before you hurt people or damage property?

A deep breath will save you a lot of trouble. This tactic is made effective because it can be done on the spot. This means that you have the few precious seconds that stop you from causing damage or injuries. The time you buy by taking a deep breath is sufficient to allow you look at the situation differently and therefore generate a different considerate response.

Consider the circumstances and reasons that would have caused the offender to act the way he or she did. Most nasty reactions arise from the thought that you have been offended. Unfortunately, you have no idea why the person acted that way. Take a minute to evaluate the situation. You might realize that your reaction or action would have been similar in the prevailing circumstances.

Leave the scene. Remaining at the scene or seeing the perpetrator of the atrocious event took place makes a person angrier. Take a break from the person and entire scenario. It will save you from taking a drastic step that you will regret later. It will also help you think of a better solution other than anger and quick reaction.

Take control of what you think and especially how you process the situation. Actions taken and the thoughts that continue to persist will affect your reaction. If they continue being negative, the action taken will also be negative. Exercise restraint, listen and dialogue on the best way forward. This needs to be a habit so that you can master and apply it instinctively.

Reset into your controlled behavior. Each person has a character that guides you on how to react to situations. There are reactions that are not aligned to the character of a person. You must practice restraint in order to turn to it when things get bad. Be the bigger guy in the situation.

Identify the feeling, acknowledge its existence and accept the entire scenario. This consciousness helps you to realize how close you are to taking a regrettable action. Since the feelings have been identified and accepted, they can easily be dealt with.

Self-soothing will work magic. Everyone has that one act that calms him or her down. Some hum their favorite songs while others take a walk. Other people will gaze at the horizon, talk to a friend or tap the desk, among other reactions. Self-soothing buys you time and stops you from a drastic reaction. You will have nothing to regret in future.

A support system will help you manage the boiling rage. This could be a friend, relative, senior, colleague or people in your network. They offer a platform to bounce-off the anger and cool down before taking a regrettable step.

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