Thursday, August 2, 2012

About The IPad And Kindle Books And E-Readers

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By Josh Rolland

Electronic books for the iPad and Kindle books have blown away the literary and instructional print market. There are many companies selling pills and e-Readers, but Apple and Amazon are the ringleaders throttling the print market. From school textbooks to top seller stories and travel guidebooks, thousands of books can be carried in a single tablet.

The stats speak for themselves. More than half of first time e-Reader buyers say they end up reading more eBooks than before. The average Amazon buyer purchases 3.3 times more books after getting an e-Reader. It's no surprise that electronic book sales took off big-time and grew 177 % last year.

Apple has 16 percent of the e-Reader market cornered with their iPads. But Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla in this arena. Their Kindles have a 67 p.c market chunk of the e-Readers and 58 percent of all digital book sales.

At that point, there are two aspects to mull over. The 1st is about the list of benefits that e-Readers have over print. The second one is about which company's tablet is most fitted as an electronic book reader.

The basic benefits are quite clear. EBooks are environmentally friendly, transportable and can be referred to without regard to time or place. Not to mention their longevity and getting rid of library space. As a bonus, it's also possible to search in the content for specific words, and link to other books or internet sites for further reference.

Then there's the simplicity of purchasing factor. Upon purchase, the electronic publication will automatically be broadcast wirelessly to the e-Reader. There's no shipping or CDs or "download now" kind of thing to be done. This is easier for Kindle users who buy their eBooks from Amazon.

This leads directly to the second part of this article, which is about researching the various e-book readers to decide which one's the best for your requirements. The four basic deciding factors are cost, use, display type and size. Those that need the lowest cost possible could prefer to stick to an e-ink device with a tiny screen that functions as a black and white (no colour) ebook reader and nothing else.

But if the user will likely need a tablet for other purposes, then it is smart to get a more pricey device like an iPad. It can frequently be used to run apps for a large amount of things, including use as a laptop computer and for storing and reading eBooks. Anyway reading on top of the range capsules with bigger and backlit screens offering high-res color graphics is a far more agreeable experience.

Doubtless there will be Problems, eg batteries running out of juice with one page left to read, or the accidental erasure of an entire library with a simple click. Unlike print editions, E-Readers cannot be used to swat insects or use as toilet tissue in an emergency. But progress cannot be stopped. The iPad and Kindle books are here with a bang. Libraries are dinosaurs on their way to extinction, and the times of backpacks piled high with heavy books will soon be a forgotten memory.

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