Thursday, August 23, 2012

Find Out How To Pick The Lucky Lottery Numbers Today

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By Douglas Vincent

Millions of people world-wide are regularly buying lottery tickets because they all desire to live the dream. To one day become financially independent, never having to worry about money problems again. Many are asking the question is there an easy way to win the lottery? Are there secrets to winning the lottery and choosing the lucky lottery numbers?

It is a proven fact that your chances of winning the lottery are increased exponentially by using a tried and proven system for picking winning numbers in the lotto. Relying on luck or choosing random numbers is not a winning strategy.The way to choose a good lottery system is by simply undertaking some research yourself.

Research And Review The System

Unfortunately relying on luck or choosing random meaningless numbers is not an effective strategy. It is a proven fact that you increase your chances of winning the lottery exponentially by using a tried and proven system for picking numbers. Finding a good system will however require you to undertake some research yourself to determine if such a system lives up to its claims.

Based on this behaviour developers of lottery systems are able to predict with a fair degree of accuracy which numbers will come up and at what time, frequency, sequence and pattern formation. Combine this with a degree of probability theory and you end up with a fairly accurate system for picking the winning numbers in the lottery.

Math Professors Formulae Revealed

An ex math professor, author and self-confessed lottery addict spent 18 years playing the lottery because of his passion and fascination for numbers. This resulted in a decision to undertake a further 8 years of research and development leading to the discovery of a system for picking the winning numbers in the lottery.

The result of his hard work was a formulae that gave players a 48.5% chance of winning a lottery prize everytime they played. In fact once he started using the system himself he quickly won three and a half million dollars from the first few lotteries he entered. For his troubles however he was accosted by someone wanting him to reveal his secret formulae and as a result was shot in the leg. Fortunately it wasn't life threatening but could have easily been.

Picking Lucky Lottery Numbers

The first step of course if you want to win is go buy a ticket. The numbers you choose however will be yours not a quick pick lottery ticket which most people buy. To increase the odds in your favour of winning the lottery all you need to do is follow a tried and proven system. You will of course undertake some diligent note taking of all the winning numbers over time to see patterns of emerging re-occurring winning lottery numbers. This can be compared to using a betting guide, following the form before you decide to put your bet on. This is the basis of many a successful system.

Poker players do it all the time, they learn how to count, read and memorise cards as well as other players. They look for tell-tale signs in players, do they pull a certain face or make an unconscious movement when they are trying to bluff. These can be repetitive movements a good poker player will notice all these nuances and can decide what his next move will be based on these observations. All professional gamblers have a system or formulae they apply religously.

So now you know, the best way to increase your chances of picking the winning lottery numbers is to implement a strategy or system based on the highest probability of re-occurring winning numbers that consistently come up more often than not. The best systems will teach you how to apply this strategy giving you the best possible odds of winning the lottery.

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