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Do you understand to open your third eye

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By George Lewis

You need to know how to open your third eye, if you want to activate your mind center. There are certain chakras and the chakra which is related to the mind center is very significant. Opening your third eye is like gaining access to the inner-vision and infinite wisdom. It could be quite frustrating when it comes to trying to open this chakra because your own ego tends to block your way in the process. Many people do have enough knowledge about this particular chakra but frankly speaking, knowledge is not just enough in order to do the job. It's quite complicated and it can happen only to some people who really have whatever it takes. But let me assure you that if you really have the yarning desire to communicate with the universal self than I'm sure that you're going to win in this process.

Tips on how to open your third eye: Specific methods

Are you wondering how to open your third eye? Firstly, you should not get confused with the information that you have come across in various places. Certain steps are to be followed if you really want to do this job. The interesting fact is that one doesn't need to undergo complex training process or even boring meditation programs. There is no doubt that such things do help in your process but still you don't need to blindly go through meaningless exercises.

The very best issue to do as a way to stimulate this chakra is following the meditation of 'om mantra'. Yes, what you heard appropriate now is true. It is possible to just chant a specific mantra and gain access for the third eye. The actual sound that's associated to the third eye is 'om' and which is why this method has high a probability to function. But nonetheless, you should have dedication of a high order in an effort to reach a point exactly where you obtain access to infinite wisdom.

How to open your third eye: Chant

Now are you wondering how to start off with this particular 'Aum chanting'? Firstly, it's good to find a place where you feel comfortable. Sit either on a chair or the floor. But you need to ensure that you sit straight. Once you feel comfortable, you need to slowly close your eyes and start concentrating on the chanting process of aum. However, you need to remember the fact that chanting alone is not enough when it comes to the process of opening your third eye.

You need to pay attention to certain body parts like your forehead. You need to focus on the center point of your brows. Many ancient texts suggest that it is the actual location of the third eye. You need to have high level of focus and you need to pay attention to this particular area in order to enhance the effectiveness of the whole technique. You need to be able to stimulate this particular area in order to stimulate the chakra. Now you must have understood how to open your third eye.

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