Monday, September 17, 2012

Why People Read Popular Fiction Books

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By Chloe Gib

There are many themes that popular fiction books center on. Supernatural themes are the most popular these days. There are also those that cater to philosophical and futuristic themes. These themes are also equally popular in the modern generation.

The best sellers are those that center on supernatural beings with a touch of a little bit of action and romance in them as well. The most popular would be the Twilight series. Other best paranormal novels center on other dark beings other than vampires. Some include werewolves, witches and wizards.

People also read ghosts novel that are deemed to be really scary. The most popular ones are those that are of real life accounts from the authors themselves or any source that is valid. Some even include pictures that are supposed to be authentic ones of other worldly beings to validate their claims.

People usually read such books mainly because of one simple fact. Reading them would help to reinforce the inner beliefs of most people that remain unarticulated all throughout their lives. Such beliefs center on the way they view life, society, destiny, and ultimately the fate of all people and the word.

If a person reads a certain theme and prefers this over others, this usually is a good determinant of the way that he or she thinks and how he or she view life in general. A statement says that you will be able to judge the person's personality by the content of his or her bookshelf. In psychology, such assertion is definitely valid.

For people who are more logical and believes that all things are solved by reason and logic, they read crime fictions such as the Robert Langdon series. If you are someone that holds a man and woman relationship to be important, you are attracted to romance fictions. Futuristic people read more science fiction.

Some say that these novels are ways to escape from reality and the ills that society present. Some find comfort in their novels and are granted reassurance of expressing their own personal desires through them. The people that widely read such fictional stories, they are the ones that seek to have fun and belonging in their lives.

Literary pieces like popular fiction books are those that are not reliant on the way critics view them. They rely more on how the general public responds to them. There are reviews that can sometimes discredit these works with the way they are written. However, these books remain popular despite the negative critiques that were given to them. This is because of their nature and why people read them that makes them ever so popular to the public.

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