Monday, March 4, 2013

My favourites tech books

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By Joe Grangers

The necessity of writing, and of doing it this way, here. Just as fan-fiction must inhabit the network because it is verboten, not doable, not writable elsewhere, it is at the same time the necessary form of expression online. But all online writing is fan-fiction, replicating not the characters but the concepts of the meme-space, the context. All writing has always been fan-fiction, merely awaiting the network to reveal its true form. We declared the death of the author prematurely. Barthes was a futurist, like BS Johnson. Technology is our modernity.

On physical computing: "It is difficult today to realize how bold an innovation it was to introduce talk about paper tapes and patterns punched in them into discussions of the foundations of mathematics."-Max Newman. Long before computational systems-which is coming to mean all systems-long before such systems were virtual, Turing took the abstract, invisible conditions of mathematical logic and formalized it into the physical: first as text, then as mechanics, later as electrons.

Assuming the popularity of e-books continues to grow, will they eventually become young people's first choice when they read for fun? Or will children turn to print as an alternative to the online reading many of them are required to do for school?

Funny reading is awesome reading! Maybe your child is a class clown that wants to memorize every joke in the book to try out during lunchtime routines, or she just enjoys chuckling quietly in the comfort of your home. Joke books are a perfect way to turn reluctant reading into hilarious hobby. Here are a few to get started:

This list includes books that have stood the test of time and are worth a look for the history lover. And it includes new books, such as Walter Isaacson's tome on Steve Jobs, that are likely to be the new classics. It doesn't, however, include any tech textbooks. My focus is on books that deliver not just a technical understanding of how something works today, but hard-earned wisdom.

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